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it was amazing

Hey! I'm Naomi Hughes, author of Refraction. I wanted to use this space to add a bit of detail that I wasn't able to put in the book itself.

First, yes, this book is ownvoices for OCD. In part because of that, writing this story was one of the most intense journeys of my life, and also possibly the most rewarding. I hope it's as meaningful to you as it was to me!

Second, I wanted to include a note on some potential triggers that are present in the story. Although some of these are general (like descriptions of dead bodies and people being killed), others are a bit more specific and also more likely to specifically trigger anxiety in people who have certain types of OCD. Some of the trigger warnings also relate to spoilers; I'll hide those with the spoiler tag so you can choose whether you want to see them or not.

I'll make this list as comprehensive as I can, but there's always the possibility that I'll miss things either through oversight or my own ignorance of things that might cause anxiety in others but not me, so please read with care if you tend to get triggered while reading this type of book!

Trigger warnings:
-Characters are attacked by shadowy monsters of all types that crawl out of mirrors in a highly creepy fashion
-Death of a minor character by (view spoiler)
-Description of both recently-dead and long-dead bodies
-Teens being intentionally placed in danger or directly harmed by parents
-Characters being held at gunpoint/sustaining gunshot injuries
-(view spoiler)
-(view spoiler)

OCD-specific notes and trigger warnings:

-Marty has safety-related obsessive concerns, and performs checking compulsions (tapping door frames, re-checking locks, putting keys in specific pockets) along with some limited counting compulsions throughout the book.

-If you have intrusive thought OCD or existential OCD, there are elements of the plot--such as(view spoiler)--that may trigger anxiety.

-If you have scrupulosity or responsibility OCD, it may bother you that Marty (who has neither of those types of OCD) intentionally threatens other characters and/or puts them in danger throughout much of the book in order to further his own goals.

-Throughout much of the story, Marty is very hard on himself, demanding perfection in his recovery and dreading the return of his compulsions and obsessive thinking. This might be hard to read for people who struggle with similar issues themselves. A note on the tone of the ending as it pertains to this: (view spoiler)

That's it! Thank you for reading Refraction, and feel free to ask me questions about it (or about my other books!) over in the "ask the author" section of my author page. If you enjoy this story, you might also like this other book I wrote, a standalone YA sci-fi called Afterimage that involves panic disorder, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimeyness, and a girl determined to do whatever she must to prove her mother's innocence after a massive explosion wipes out an army base.

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