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The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan
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Feb 27, 2012

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Read from February 27 to March 01, 2012

I rated this book with 3 stars because although it is a fast-paced action book,and kept my attention, It does not seem very original. Many of the ideas seem like they came from various movies and books. Positives - A great climax, good motivation quote, and keeps you guessing.
Negatives - Doesn`t seem original, the main character never gets a break, and it ends too abruptly.

Can you imagine going to bed normally and waking up to the relization that your nightmare is about to happen? Seventeen year old Charlie West wakes up in a torture room only with the memories of the past 17 years of his life. He must use his mind and karate skills to free him and find help from the Police. Through Charlie`s roller coaster ride of obstacles: Hijacking a truck, surviving from a crash, finding water, navigating down a sink hole, and to never never never give up, He comes to find, to his dismay, that not only are the bad guys out to get him but he is a wanted murderer tried for 25 years in Prison. Charlie also finds that a whole year of his life has been erased from his memories and he is currently eighteen years old. Is Charlie really who he thinks he is? With the help of an anonymous friend Charlie escapes yet again; and from the things he has overheard he puts two and two together that the President of Homeland Security will be assassinated. Being a good man, Charlie sets out to save the president and maybe clear his name in the process. Will He make it in time?

This is my first review I have written, so please forgive the amatuerness of my review *suggestions are welcomed*

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