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The Way We Do It in Japan by Geneva Cobb Iijima
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This story is about an American boy, named Gregory, who moves to Japan with his parents. After his father gets transferred to Japan, Gregory moves with his parents from San Francisco, California to Japan. Prior to moving, Gregory became curious about differences between Japan and America. When the family arrives in Japan, Gregory notices that people drive on the other side of the road, the money is different, people sit on the floor instead of chairs, and have to shower before taking a bath. Before entering a Japanese school, Gregory wondered if the students would like him at the new school. Upon entering the new Japanese school, Gregory noticed the other students staring at him. Gregory decided to conform by adapting to Japanese culture. In the end, however, Gregory discovered that his classmates decided to use some American customs in the Japanese classroom in order to help Gregory feel better. At the end of the story, Gregory makes new friends and realizes how to function in the Japanese culture.
This story would be great to teach students from K-5 about different cultures in order for them to see the differences and similarities between them. It also teaches students new Japanese words, and lets them relate to situations where they felt like an outsider in a new place and how they overcame those feelings.

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