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The Farewell Season by Ann Herrick
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Feb 26, 2012

really liked it
Read from March 25 to 31, 2012

To say Eric is “troubled” after the death of his father is an understatement. After his father passes away, Eric is left hurt, confused, and angry. He lashes out at everyone and cannot see anyone else’s pain. Where he used to find fulfillment in football, Eric now only finds more anger, frustration and empty dreams. Over time, he will develop a friendship that will help him deal with his feelings… he just has to deal with them before he does something he can’t fix…

When I first read the premise to The Farewell Season, I prepare to be moved. Usually, I easily connect with stories that deal with personal issues of triumph after tragedy, and the journey they require. The Farewell Season is definitely one of those stories. I will admit that I cried while reading this book because I am that connected with Eric. Yes, I totally bond with a guy. In a book. Who is fictional. Go. Figure.

Eric starts out sounding like every other stereotypical jock. Arrogant. Conceited. Cocky. But, then I see beneath the facade to his true character. I see: the teenager who has just lost his father at a pivotal part of his life, the teenager who has looked repeatedly to his father for support and guidance and then has him abruptly ripped away, and, most importantly, the teenager who has never grieved over his enormous loss. This Eric is someone I can empathize with-- someone I can feel hurt, shame, pity, and triumph with. Oh, I still don’t like his behavior—at times I want to bean him over the head for his rudeness! Though I empathize with him, I am still furious that he is hindering everyone else’s attempts to move on. And, the rude way he talks to his mother grates on my nerves. In short, he sounds like a sullen teenage boy.

I really like Herrick’s writing…obviously, it moves me to tears but, moving beyond that, the story isn’t overdone. The Farewell Season isn’t an overly long book—only about 150 pages. Though there are definitely more aspects of the subplots that can be explored more fully, I think that The Farewell Season ends in a good place. If it stretched out longer, I think it would have ruined the ending for me. Besides, this way maybe I’ll get a sequel!

The Cover:

I think this cover is a great representation of the story underneath it. Unlike most YA covers that have a girl in a dress, this one actually has symbolism! I really like how the football player is out of the line of sight for the camera and how I can see the girl in the background. It looks like the football player is walking away from her… which I can see happening in the story. Very fitting cover!

*This book does have profanity*

I give The Farewell Season 4.5 out of 5 stars: Very Highly Recommended!!

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