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If I Die by Rachel Vincent
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I was getting bored of the series. They all had started to run togethor and look the same, but then this.

Kaylee became awesome personified. Everything she did I just wanted to high five the fuck hell out of her. She's always been stubborn and brave, but for once I completely agreed with everything she did.

The book's storyline was without a doubt the best one of the series in my opinion. The others don't even hold a candle to them. And yes, Todd definitely plays a role in that. Everyone who was a Nash fan (like I was prior to reading this) be prepared to cry your eyes out. Though after the last book I'm pretty sure we all had our doubts about Nash and Kaylee.

I offically can't wait for the next book. This one was so addictive, funny and heartwrenching. Despite me knowing it would have a happy ending by accidently looking at the synopsis for the next book before reading this one. Yeah, I'm an idiot but it was tempting, no?

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Izzy I really wasn't expecting to be so blown away by it. It's great when authors surprise you ^^

Izzy See, I was getting a bit disheartened by the series. Maybe it was becase I read the first three right after eachother, but I was finding the plots a bit predictable and samey. Not no longer!

I'm dying to get my hands on the next one.
Me too. Kaylee and Todd *Squeal* this book left so much to look forward to!

Izzy Yeah, he and Kaylee really had both changed too much. Goo character devleopment! Shits kicking off with it all though, can't wait to see what it's like with the next one! Will he quit the frost? Will he move on and forgive Kay? Can they be friends again? Oh the suspense.

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