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The Accident by Linwood Barclay
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Feb 26, 2012

it was amazing
Read in February, 2012

If I were to give this book a rating between 1 and 10, I'd give it a very generous 38. Though to say that my rating as being generous is a bit of a stretch, because it was indeed that good.
This is honestly my first book read by Linwood Barclay and would have to say that based on my reaction to this book that this is an author whose books I'd want to read more of.
I found The Accident to be one of those books that kept you guessing right from the beginning, and more often than not my guesses were completely off the mark. One good examplr of this that I can think of is when someone had fired a gunshot into, Glen's daughter, Kelly's bedroom window and for several chapters you thought that Sommer had been responsible. It wasn't until a few chapters later that it's learned that the boy Corey, who lost his father and brother in the car crash caused by Glen's wife, had done it to make Glen pay even further for the pain his wife caused his family in the car accident. The way the author made you accept Sommer's guilt without question was truly amazing.
Another thing that interested me was that the connection between the prologue and the actual story wasn't made clear until you were about halfway through the story. I can usually tell the connection between the prologue and the actual story right away. But, because I didn't see the connection right away the prologue was more of a distraction that kept you from realizing that Sommer had nothing to do with Sheila Garber and Ann Slocum's deaths. Also, by the time its connection was revealed I had already came to the belief that he was responsible and the revelation only served to color my judgement even further.
The Accident was well written and had several good points to it, but what really caught my attention the most was the author's use of misleading appearances. I found it nearly impossible to put down once I started reading it.
(PS. You won't want to stop reading this book once you start until you've finished it not even to go to the bathroom or eat dinner. I certainly didn't.)

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