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The Eye of the I by David R. Hawkins
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it was amazing

Amazing insights from Reality. This book reflects very closely some of my first-hand experiences and intuitively it feels like Truth. Power vs. Force is prerequisite for understanding the depth of this book.

David Hawkins very eloquently explains the nature of the true I, the true Self, and the illusionary nature of the Ego. His words are the closest approximation of the wordless. His thoughts are the most brilliant approximation of the One beyond thought.

This book is very useful for deconstruction for the illusionary concepts of materialistic reality. If your mind has been programmed for decades by the cultural narrative of any society, this book will help you in the deconstruction. Very highly recommend reading this book series.

Some of my favourite excerpts.
- The actual author of the book is Consciousness itself.

-Most people seem to have a vested interest in the negativity of their perceptual world and resist leaving it for awarenesses on a higher level. People seem to derive sufficient satisfaction from their endless anger, resentment, remorse, and self-pity to actively resist moving on to such levels as understanding, forgiveness, or compassion. T

-The Buddha said that those who hear and learn of enlightenment will never be satisfied with anything else and, therefore, the end is certain.

-A child is born with the innocence of an unpro-grammed consciousness, but then, like the hardware of a computer, it is systematically programmed with software, which is society’s input.

-Choose to be easygoing, benign, forgiving, compassionate, and unconditionally loving towards all life in all its expressions, without exception, including oneself. Focus on unselfish service and the giving of love, consideration, and respect to all creatures. Avoid negativity and the desire for worldliness and its greed for pleasure and possessions. Forego opinionating, the judgment of right versus wrong, the vanity of being ‘right’, and the trap of righteousness. Seek to understand rather than to condemn.

-To quiet the mind, certain motives have to be surrendered and relinquished to God: 1. The desire to think. 2. The desire for the pleasure of thinking. 3. The comfort of the guarantee of the continuation of one’s existence.

-It is helpful to realize that nothing can be described or experienced except from outside itself.Nothing is as it can be described; therefore, all descriptions are of what a thing is not.

-It is helpful to remember that neither Truth nor Enlightenment is something to be found, sought, acquired, gained, or possessed. That which is the Infinite Presence is always present, and its realization occurs of itself when the obstacles to that realization are removed.

-Begin by accepting the very important statement that all truth is subjective. Do not waste lifetimes looking for an objective truth because no such thing exists. Even if it did, it could not be found except by the purely subjective experience of it. All knowledge and wisdom are subjective.

-There are two ways to travel—either a direct route to one’s destination, or the leisurely trip that investigates the countryside and visits all the tourist attractions. Most spiritual seekers are on the leisurely path, even if they do not realize it. This, however, is undoubtedly the best way for many people. It is neither wrong nor a waste of time but merely the path that works best for them. In reality, time is merely an illusion and an appearance. No ‘time’ is really wasted once one has chosen the spiritual goal. Actually, it makes no difference whether enlightenment takes a thousand lifetimes or one; in the end, it is all the same


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