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Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
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Feb 26, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary
Read from March 25 to 28, 2012 — I own a copy

Just Listen is the second book I read from Sarah Dessen,and frankly, it’s one of the best books I have read so far.My favorite thing about her books is how she takes one person’s crisis and and shows how everyone around that person is experiencing something similar. This is exactly the case in Just Listen. Before I go into the book,I have to say how much I love the author’s writing style. It is so fresh and she keeps you interested from beginning to end. There wasn’t a moment I put this book to the side. As much as I wanted to read it I didn’t want to finish it,because once you start reading it,you start living it. This book kept me thinking of so many questions I made myself,but never actually thought of their importance.

Annabel ─ the main character ─ was a girl you could find yourself in.You will really feel something for her. She isn’t nothing like the girl people think she is. She isn’t “the girl who has everything.” Her story was full. Annabel goes through a lot of ugly experiences in the book,experiences,which most of us,in a way or another,have been through. She hides all her secrets in her heart,trying to even hide them from herself. One thing I loved about this character was that she wasn’t perfect. She has lots of problems. She doesn’t know who she is. Watching her family fall apart in front of her eyes,losing her bestfriend,watching as her whole life changes Annabel is the girl who now has nothing.

Until Owen ─ the guy she would usually spent her lunch time next to,a total music
obssessed ─ gets to know her. Now Annabel has a friend she can talk to. He helps her put into words her feelings, making her realize that sometimes it’s okay to freak out,it’s okay to get angry,it’s okay to be who you really are,and the only way for her to make things better is speak out and be honest to the people around her. He sees through her,finding the real Annabel. Not the Annabel people know.

Through the story we see her change page by page. From the insecure girl she now start to believe that things can get better. Telling everyone what happened,step by step she’s getting closer to the new beginning. Because nothing happens in a heartbeat,it takes effort day by day.

How many times in our life have we heard but not listened ? How many times have we answered to the question “How are you ?” with just an “I’m fine.” and how rarely that has been true ? How many times have we waited for the perfect moment but that moment just never came ? How many times have we lied thinking we’re protecting someone,not knowing that we’re just hurting them ? How many times have we judged by cover ?

So the next time your heart’s speaking,you Just Listen.
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Delaney I've realized that I've been telling more "truth" than "lies" every since reading this book!

Dajana J. I know right ? That's the exact reason why I loved this book so much. Because it really did change me and made me realize who I am and what I was doing wrong. It's one of those books that except entertaining you,also teaches you something! : )

Delaney Yeah, yeah! And, I hope many who where in Annabelle's shoes could relate and speak out. Many compared this to Speak, but I think both are equally great.

Dajana J. I just checked out Speak and the idea of the plot is a bit the same but I still think that every book is different and Sarah Dessen has a very unique way of developing her characters and story. : )

Delaney Yes. Totally agree. Woop! I'm not alone. :)

Areli Hernandez Just listen is a book telling us about a girl who is known for having everything anyone can ask for and having nothing at all. After being sexually assaulted by her best friends boyfriend, she feels lost, her best friend is no longer her friend. And she won't speak up, her sister has an eating disorder and her parents are so busy, she has no one. No friends, not acquaintances. Until she gets to know Owen. Owen is known for the big tall weird scary looking guy at school and no one talks to him. Annabel beins to sit with him during lunch and he is there when she is being bullied and gives her rides home. Annabel starts to find out so much about Owen and she is really impressed with his honesty and his bluntness. The way he looks at life is so simple, why would anyone else think otherwise. Hey become friends and soon they like each other. I wasn't really impressed with Owen because all he ever talked about was music , which was actually kind of annoying. When Annabel finally decides to talk to her parents of was been happening to her, Owen is always there for her. Her family is united again and her relationship with her sister is so well. She got to finally meet them and step on their shoes and realize that everyone is different but family's are different and they have to work together because that is what family's do. This story was honestly great.

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