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Jhegaala by Steven Brust
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Jul 27, 2008

In his latest book _Jhegaala_, Steven Brust takes his main character, Vlad Taltos, back to the time right after his marriage ends, and his flight from the Jhereg begins.

I had to think back to the mood of the book _Teckla_, because during this story arc, it was a turning point for Vlad from impetuous assassin (walk up and put a dagger in the left eye of your hit) to more thoughtful anti-hero we find in later books. I think I would have liked to see a more gradual change; the Vlad in _Jhegaala_ reminds me of the more restrained character of late - I miss the "shoot now, ask questions later" Vlad of old. The book has a quite tone to it, and given the subject of the book (the search for extended family in the historical land of his ancestors), I tried to find any hidden messages in the plot that might relate to the authors experience. I did wonder during one story element on BBQ (pig eatins') if he was inspired during his OmegaCon visit to a local Birmingham AL restaurant - Full Moon BBQ, where that term is used.

Overall, a nice quite read, removed a bit from the fantastic one finds in many of his books, and as it fills in gaps in the story arc, I will now go back and read the books in order, reading this one right after _Teckla_. I recommend this book.

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