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Under the Dome by Stephen King
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it was amazing
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Lieutenant Baaaaaaarbara ... I will never think of Barbies again without thoughts of the handsome (in my mind's eye) Lieutenant Dale Barbara, and the despicable Junior Rennie's long drawn out affectation.

Total deus ex machina of an ending, but really, where else could the story have gone? I LOVE Stephen King, but as we all know, he's not always the best at closing out his books. Still, I thought the ending was acceptable if somewhat contrived. Reminded me of 11/22/63 in some ways, as I totally loved that book too, except for the hodgepodge of a conclusion.

Convenient resolution aside, this book was so much fun. It's basically a character study of the small town of Chester's Mill (Maine, where else?)—and there are characters galore. What happens when a town is completely isolated? Think: shaking up an ant farm and watching the resulting chaos.

Quite the page turner, many late nights with this one. Fantastic summer read.

"Wherever you went, there you were. The great Zen truth of the age."

"The family that slays together stays together."

"They walked back into the world together, wearing the gift that had been given them: just life."

*Loved Horace the Corgi (named after the 19th century newspaper editor Horace Greeley), and the snippets from his perspective. Made me think of Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, and King's well known love of the breed.*

[After I finished, I found out there were three seasons of a TV adaptation on CBS ... has anyone watched it?]

Buddy read with Becca Noggle.
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message 1: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate Cobb So.....if someone (who shall remain nameless *cough* Kate *cough*) has never read a Stephen King book....

where would you start?

Laura Noggle Hmmmm I think my favorite is still 11/22/63 (time travel with a twist) — it's a great summer read too! Depends on what mood you're in though. These are some of my favorites:
Vampire slow burn: 'Salem's Lot
Epic adventure: The Dark Tower Series
Creepy audiobook read by Michael C. Hall: Pet Sematary
Spooky art/Florida Keys: Duma Key
And of course, Under the Dome! It was very unique, small town but lots of action!

message 3: by Numidica (new)

Numidica The Dead Zone was very good as well.

Laura Noggle Numidica wrote: "The Dead Zone was very good as well."

It was okay, more middle of the road for me.

Jason I did an episode and a half of the TV show, and that was all I could handle. I dropped a rant about it in the comment section on a friend's review. I'll go dig it up.

message 6: by Jason (last edited Jun 09, 2019 01:22PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jason Here it is. Apparently it affected me rather deeply. Venture into the show at your own risk, ha ha.

"But I didn't chime in for that. It was for the "TV show=garbage" comment. THANK YOU! I gave it two episodes before I threw in the towel. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. They changed the characters, and all of them were cads, even all the good guys. I could work with that, though it would be difficult; there's nothing wrong with having a hero or two who don't have skeletons in the closet. Such people do exist. But the rest...

New chief of police and a deputy have Barbie cornered. Deputy dog is a shit head, and has a firearm pointed at Barbie. The CHIEF OF POLICE tells him to lower his rifle, but he couldn't possibly comply because he was aiming a SHOTGUN! I know she had just been promoted, but anyone who can't tell the difference between a rifle and shotgun has no business being on the force at all, let alone in the upper ranks and out in the field.

And then there was the fire... Dude breaks into a house, finds damning evidence on paper, sets it on fire, drops it in a wastepaper basket where there is presumably other flammable material, nudges this receptacle over by the drapes, then acts surprised when they catch on fire. Then he stands there shocked for a minute, turns around to leave, and finds the fire is blocking his exit on the other side of the room. (How it got over there isn't explained.) Commercial break. When we get back, doofus head is stuck in the house, and the fire has spread to the house next door, and across the street, though nothing between them has been burnt. I think a car blows up, though there's no fire near it. A bucket brigade is doing their best to put the thing out, but not having any luck. Suddenly Big Jim shows up in a front end loader, taps the gutter on the corner of the front porch twice (which is apparently where the magic keystone is contained in a Chester's Mill house), the entire house collapses, and the fire goes out there and in the house next door, and in the car that blew up, and along the fences that had also inexplicably caught fire. I think this was where I turned it off and never looked back (except once). Did the producers/directors/actors/gaffers/grips/caterers/anybody at all never have a physics class? Physical science? Was there nobody on the set to suggest "Hey, you know, I don't think these kinds of things happen."

I checked out an episode in the second season to see if it had gotten any better. I lasted 15 minutes, and that's a generous estimate. The kid who's name I forget (but I remember he was awesome in the book) gave a scientific reason to explain why the greenhouse effect didn't apply in their dome, and in fact went in reverse. (Something about circular air currents having a cooling effect on the inside when the weather pattern is going in the opposite direction on the outside, or maybe someone farted in the wrong direction. I think this works only in Maine). Anyway, the temperature had gotten down into the 60's, and people were getting cold, and starting to freeze... These are Mainers... I know Mainers... 60's is tee/flip-flop weather. And even if it weren't, what do these Mainers do with their winter clothes in the summer, ship them to the next town over? Are all comforters, quilts, afghans, blankets, etc. also sent along for the ride?

So, yeah, garbage. I can only imagine the inanities I missed by watching only an hour and a half worth of this. Thank you for giving me a platform to air these pent-up grievances. And sorry for clogging up so much of your comment space, but apparently I had to let it all out."

Laura Noggle Jason wrote: "I did an episode and a half of the TV show, and that was all I could handle. I dropped a rant about it in the comment section on a friend's review. I'll go dig it up."

Haha, that's awesome, Jason! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely give it a pass ... the trailer didn't impress me and I loved the book so much, I don't want to taint the memory. I felt the same way with the 11/22/63 adaptation (/abomination) with James Franco ... only made it two episodes in and threw in the towel it was so horrendous and mutilated the characters. Some books are better left in book form!

message 8: by Mary (new)

Mary K. Yes, it was good, I thought. Didn't read book so I can't compare the two. You might be able to get it on Netflix.

message 9: by Mary (new)

Mary K. I guess you saw it. It was a non thinking series. I guess if I had read the book I would have different reply.

Laura Noggle Mary wrote: "I guess you saw it. It was a non thinking series. I guess if I had read the book I would have different reply."

That seems to be the deciding factor, usually!

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