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Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall
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Jul 26, 2008

it was amazing
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Maddie Crane is a New England prep by default, not by choice. It seems that her entire life has been dictated by her mother and her controlling clique of friends, The Sisters of Misery. It has always been easier for Maddie to just go along with The Sisters, to avoid incurring their wrath. She might be nice, but Maddie doesn't have courage. She is always a follower, never a leader.

Cordelia LeClaire, Maddie's cousin, is a free spirit, a natural beauty with confidence and an easy smile. In a small town like Hawthorne, a beauty like Cordelia stands out.

When Cordelia comes to Hawthorne to live with Maddie's family, the two girls overcome their initial differences and establish an almost sisterly bond. Maddie admires and even envies Cordelia's effortless poise, stunning looks, and quick wit.

Unfortunately, The Sisters of Misery, led by Kate Endicott, are not so thrilled with Cordelia's arrival.

Hawthorne has never taken kindly to outsiders and Cordelia is no exception. When Cordelia begins to attract the attention of several of Hawthorne's dashing young men, including Kate's boyfriend, Maddie knows that trouble lays ahead. The Sisters do everything in their power to make Cordelia's life miserable. Maddie is stuck in the middle, and forced to choose between her cousin and her lifelong friends.

It isn't until Halloween that Maddie and Cordelia realize that powers more sinister than they had ever imagined are alive and at work in Hawthorne. After hours of unspeakable torture and terror, Cordelia vanishes without a trace.

Although she cannot remember the events of Halloween night, Maddie knows that she played a role in Cordelia's disappearance. She will never be able to forgive herself for not protecting Cordelia and she must uncover the truth to find peace. But if Maddie isn't careful, she may be the next one to disappear. Somebody doesn't want Cordelia to ever be found.

SISTERS OF MISERY is an absolutely stunning debut by Megan Kelley Hall, perhaps the best Gothic novel that I have ever read. Hall knows how to create suspense like nobody else and she isn't afraid to delve into the most horrifying depths of the human psyche, places we don't want to admit exist. Secrets are revealed and mysteries slowly unraveled, with enough plot twists to keep readers on their toes!

The sequel, THE LOST SISTER, comes out in August 2009, and I honestly do not think that I can wait that long.
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