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Second Chance by Siobhan Davis
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it was amazing

I rated all of these as five stars and below are reviews for each book.

Review for Inseparable:

This is the first review where I had to wait a handful of days until I was ready to tackle writing it. The story is still sinking in, and I know it is one of those that I will never forget. I even snickered at the thought that Siobhan could have titled this “Unforgettable” and still have been spot-on. Have you ever felt as though you connect with the characters on such a deep level that your brain begins to believe they are actual human beings and it physically hurts when the story ends—AKA the book hangover? Well, this was one of those times for me. It has been too hard to move on with another book, so I have just been binge-watching shows on Hulu while moping around in my pajamas. I will warn you, this is a very emotional read. I found myself needing to go over some scenes a few times because I was crying so hard; therefore, you may want to have a box of tissues handy.

The story focuses on three characters who grew up as neighbors and were inseparable until high school. I am sure you are all familiar with the many obstacles we face throughout our youth which can make or break relationships, and you will experience that and then some while reading this. This is a story of what happens when life gets in the way.


The slow-building, friends-to-lovers romance in this book is also one of my favorites. This is not a story of puppy love. This is a story of the kind of love that comes with heartache, sacrifices, and absolute devotion. The kind that includes the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The kind that we all deserve. If only there was a better word to describe how beautiful the romance in this book is.

Now, this story is mostly Angelina’s POV; however, that will not prevent you from feeling connected to the other characters because Siobhan has well-written dialogue to keep us in the others’ minds. Since each main character responds to life so differently than the others, we have very complex individuals and I feel that you will find at least one you can relate to. The character I felt the closest to is currently tied in first place as one of my favorites, and I don’t want to give anything away, but watching this character transform over the years was beautiful. It was rewarding to see them change over time.

For those that are new to Siobhan Davis: if you enjoy reading books where the authors aren’t afraid to cover difficult issues, such as Brittainy C. Cherry, you are going to love this. After this, you must check out Siobhan’s other series!

Review for When Forever Changes:

Before you read this book, make sure you go to Costco or Sams to stock up on tissues. It is also probably a good idea to read this one away from other people unless you enjoy ugly crying in front of others.

Even though I cried so hard I couldn't finish eating my lunch after nearly choking on it, I absolutely loved this story. As always, Siobhan doesn't shy away from realistic situations, and this one is chock-full of them. I adored each character and hope to revisit them in future books (I won't say which, but we get to visit with another amazing couple in a previous book). Now that I am finished reading this beautiful story, I don't really know what to do with myself, so be prepared for a gnarly book hangover.

I highly suggest buying this if you enjoy the friends-to-lovers romance theme. Siobhan couldn't have written this theme better, and I hope she continues to do so! I loved the silly anecdotes woven throughout the story, and greatly appreciated them during the sad parts.

I loved Inseparable and Incognito and highly recommend reading those as well if you haven’t yet. Inseparable will crush you too, but it’s well worth it! I do have to say that When Forever Changes might be my favorite of the bunch because I related with this story the most and it freaking tore my heart to bits. I wish I could say more but I don't want to spoil anything.

Review for Only Ever You:

What a beautiful rockstar romance with moments of both darkness and light.

The first part was my favorite because this is the first book I’ve read where both the main characters spent time in juvie. I’m so glad the first part was more than just a chapter because it really helped develop our complex characters. I love that they’re both troubled teens, and I think it is genius for Siobhan to show that not everyone comes from a perfect home and how what happens during our youth shapes us as adults.

Because of the extensive background portion, I was able to really appreciate the second part when they are adults. Every decision whether good or bad made sense, and I really empathized with both of our lovely main characters. The romance was quite realistic so much that I was actually hoping a couple of times that Siobhan would have taken it to unrealistic fairytale levels so I wouldn’t have to deal with what happened next. However, I’m glad she didn’t because that wouldn’t have made sense. Haha. The supporting characters were as always written perfectly and brought a lot of smiles throughout the hard times.

Like I said before, some of the subject matter is dark, but Siobhan’s warning statement helped prepare me for it. Just go in knowing that this will be an emotional ride so you can experience this absolutely lovely story!

I received a copy and volunteered to review it.
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