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Second Chance by Siobhan Davis
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it was amazing
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These are three of the most profound, emotional, powerful and alluring romances I’ve ever read. The visceral feelings of happiness, sadness, devastation, passion and romance are so beautifully written, that they spill from the page into your heart. It’s beautiful. Don’t miss these books. Plus, I guarantee that once you read them you will be hooked to her writing.

Here’s my review for each book:


It’s funny how when you read a book, everyone comes away from it feeling differently or affected differently than everyone else. I read this book as a buddy read with Amber, my friend. Well, Amber and I had different feelings about this book when we finished. We both cried our hearts out, but for different reasons. about the book our wonderful, awesome, talented Siobhan Davis, wrote for us to read. The woman truly knows how to open her heart and bleed her words on to the pages. It’s the most beautiful experience there ever was. If you haven’t had a Siobhan Davis experience, you’re missing out.

For me the experience of the book was of a boy who loved a girl since he was very young, and she was younger, and she never took notice because she was in love with some one else. Heartbreaking...totally.

His name was, Slater. Her name was Gabrielle. But he called her Belle, and was the ONLY one who did. She was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast when she was little, and Slater used to tease her saying she wanted to be Belle for access to the library. But he was only partly right. She did daydream about being Belle, but she was no different than any young girl her age, and she wanted to be her for the prince. Not the books! Anyway, the name stuck, and Slater called her Belle ever since then.

She dated this other boy she loved, Dylan, for many years, until in college he began to change and not be so nice, and they broke up. Her family was there for her, she had an amazing family. I really loved her family. And her brother Ryan, who she was very close to had her move in with him. Now Slater is Ryan’s best friend, has been since childhood, and a member of the family. He is one of Ryan’s roommates too. Slater wants to be there for Belle too.

"You’ll find someone amazing, Belle. Someone who sets your world on fire. Someone who appreciates how beautiful and special and intelligent and caring you are, and he’ll be the luckiest bastard because he’ll get to spend the rest of his life with you in it." ~ Slater

So Belle starts to realize she has feelings for Slater. Feelings that maybe were always there, but she didn’t notice because she was so in love with Dylan at the time. So they fall head over heels in love. So much passion, so much love.

"I’d do anything for you, Belle. Anything." Slater was loyal, devoted and totally in love with Belle. She meant the world to him.

Then there was news. Seemed like great news.
Then there was a tragedy.
Everything spiraling for Slater.

Can I just say I cried buckets for Slater....for SLATER!!! Yes, you heard me right!! It’s funny, but he is the character I identified with throughout this story.
And this is a long story. This isn’t one of your ok this happens, then this, then they lived happily ever after. Lol! This could have easily been two books full of DRAMA!!! When I say drama, I mean HEAVY DRAMA, EMOTIONAL, CRYING, SOBBING!!!!! Like I say, for me it was for Slater. But for someone else it could, and MOST LIKELY would have been for someone else!!!

After all is said and done about the crying, and who is crying for who. The thing of it is, the beauty of this story. Siobhan took to writing and opened her heart and poured it out and wrote a story that could affect us in this way. That could make some people cry for some characters and other people cry for other characters. I know she didn’t plan this, but when she opened her heart and bled on the paper, this is what happened. If she planned it too much, it wouldn’t have worked out this way.

This has been the hardest review I have ever written. I hope it’s not all over the place.


I’m still feeling "all the feels" from this book. This is the BEST DA*N BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!!! I’m not exaggerating!! This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!! I’M YELLING....I CAN’T HELP IT!!!! I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO YELL IT FROM MY ROOFTOP SO EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT A GREAT BOOK THIS IS!!!!!!! that I got that out, for now. Inseparable is a book of such depth, such emotion, that there is absolutely NO WAY I could have read this in 24 hrs. I mean, give me a RomCom or ChicLit and no problem, but a book like this NO WAY. I needed emotional breaks, breathers. This book is packed full of so much that goes on in the lives of the three main characters. The depth of emotion, it was so beautiful. The subjects this book touched on (and there were a few of them) were so emotional and touching. I want to talk about how well she touched on these subjects, but I can’t without giving anything away. But, Siobhan Davis has shown what a truly skilled writer she is. Touching on some pretty difficult emotions and experiences, and making us feel as if we were experiencing them ourselves. I felt as if I had to stop and catch my breath at times. But the beauty of it is, we are not just being entertained by a beautiful story, but we are learning a little more what people go through and therefore developing empathy for them. Pure magic, that’s what Ms. Davis has performed with her writing...pure magic.

Do yourself a favor and read the story of the Inseparable friendship of three friends, Ayden, Devin and Angelina. You may be like me and yelling out how it’s the best da*n book you’ve ever read!! I have no doubt, I am absolutely sure you’ll love it!!


I want to start my review off by saying, THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENAL!! This is to me, the author’s best work up to date. It is obvious she put a lot of work, research and heart into this book.

But, this book affected me quite a bit. I actually had to read it twice, in order to feel like I was in the “right place” to give it a proper review.

When Ryder and Zeta are teenagers in juvie, coming from really bad backgrounds, it’s obvious off and on that Ryder deals with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. The counselor there is helping him and it works while he’s there. Keeping routine and structure in his day, leaving a situation before becoming angry (he has anger management issues) and learning how to cope in an anxiety attack. But when he starts to build a relationship with Zeta in there, little things that affect him, or how he handles things, shows he has mental issues. Then on the outside life becomes too much. Especially as a rock star and being split up from Zeta, and then Ryder also ends up becoming an addict. Throughout the book you can see his mental problems culminating for so many reasons that I don’t want to give away. But let’s just say that this book is not just extremely emotional, it’s hard to handle. When I say that, I mean I had to take a break from the turmoil of the story. There’s so much. BUT....IT IS WORTH GETTING THROUGH TO THE END!!!!

The characters in this book are so real. All of them. Some of the side characters I just loved! A couple I wanted to strangle. Then there were those I really hated. But Ryder & Zeta were special. Zeta...she was such a strong-willed girl. She overcame so much in her life, that no girl should ever have to go through. From a young age too. My heart went out to Zeta. She had such a big heart and when she loved she loved big. heart breaks just saying his name. He went from such a broken teenager (from a young age) to an even more broken man. Zeta was his only salvation. It was extremely heart wrenching to watch this grown man spiral. He loved Zeta more than anything, and he loved big! He loved his music, but getting lost in his music wasn’t enough.
The band mates were all close. Some of them were instigators of trouble for Ryder, if you ask me. But I guess that how band life can be. Lots of partying. But they were family.

This book pulled out so many feelings. Maybe not for every reader. But I know for quite a few, so far. But in the end it pulls out some more feelings, and they will be happy, satisfied and you will feel fulfilled as a reader. This book is definitely not one to be missed! If there is one new book you buy to read for the year, make it this one and you won’t be sorry!!!

⬆️ There you are. Three AMAZING books ALL IN ONE COLLECTION, for one LOW price!! DON’T PASS THIS ONE UP!!!! ⬆️
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