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Sunshine Becomes You by Ilana Tan
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Feb 24, 2012

it was ok

I finished reading this book last weekend. I enjoyed it. Not as much as I enjoyed Ms. Tan’s previous novels… I don’t think there’s any particular difference between ‘Sunshine Becomes You’ and her 4 books prior to this. It seems too formulaic. I can’t decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for a writer. Does that means that the writer has not develop their writing skill thru the course of time? Or does it simply means that the writer has found his/her style? But won’t that bore the readers?

Regardless, I just appreciate Ilana Tan’s storytelling way that somehow captivates and gets to so many readers, including myself. It’s as if we’re watching a Japanese dorama, which I love to do in my spare time (That’s why for this particular book in my mind I got to cast Daniel Henney as the main male protagonist, Alex Hirano, then Kristen Kreuk as the vulnerable yet lovely, Mia Clark and Harry Shum Jr as Ray Hirano –fyi)

The plotline of the story reminds me of 2 particular Hollywood movies: ‘Sweet November’ and ‘Love and Other Drugs’, since all female leads in those movies (and this book) discovers that they have terminal illness and tragically found love at the same time (talk about bad timing, rite?). But the story also vaguely reminds me of this 90s romantic drama entitled: ‘Return to Me’. All in all, like I’ve mentioned earlier, I enjoyed most part of the book. It was a light read that was quite fun to read during my spare times. Although the sad sentiment didn’t really move me to tears this time around (either I’ve turn bitter over the years or have I outgrown this kind of plotlines, I’m not sure), I liked it.

I get confused a little though regarding Alex’s roots… His surname is Hirano (which is obviously Japanese), so I took it as being his father’s last name, rite? But in the book, it was mentioned that his grandparents from his dad side resides in New York too. Does that means they’re Americans (isn’t that a bit off?), or are they just simply Japanese New Yorkers? I dunno, maybe it’s my mistake.

Anyways, if you have the time, just read it. It’s a quite nice romantic book to read during the last week of the month of love, as February is about to end soon.
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