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Teasing Danger by Autumn Dawn
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Jul 25, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Recommended for: romance readers

I'll say it: I judged this book by its cover. I was expecting the writing in the novel to be as amateur as, admittedly, the cover art is. Much to my surprise (and happily so), I found that my doubts were unfounded and that this book by one "Autumn Dawn" wouldn't let me go until the end.

Don't be misled by the label; the world constructed in Teasing Danger is more similar to an alternate universe or fantasy world peopled by intelligent shapeshifters, albeit leading their lives by older traditions, than a scifi. In fact, it reads a wee bit like a fantasy romance with an edge. All of our characters' adventures take place strictly on good ol' Earth, and thankfully there are no tacky one-piece suits or anything of the kind. However, Dawn's world is not without its perks. She does introduce a few technologies that many times had me thinking, "man, that would make my job easier," as any good tech should. I thought the way she integrated modern tech in an old-world way was ingenious too. After all, this story does take place in the future, when man and shifter have fought.

I did think that a few details here and there could have been clarified a little further, but Dawn must have saved that effort for her characters and plot (or Something Wild, the sequel) because they are quite well-constructed. Dawn sets the story up by introducing us to Jasmine as she looks for her lost friend in the wilderness. From there she's taken to a strange world where she discovers her friend held captive by a prince and his soldiers. When they decide that neither woman can leave, it's his captain of guards, Master of the Hunt, whose duty it is to ensure Jasmine doesn't escape. It was delightful to read the play between Keilor, an irresistable alpha, and Jasmine, a brave, smart woman. At the same time, Dawn fleshes out an interesting supporting cast, particularly in the action-y latter half where she expands her focus to include more characters/groups, many of whom we hope to see again.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read with as much delicious heat as action, and I'll definitely be watching this author. Read if you like: werewolves, succubi minus the dreams, bonded creatures (small role), and bad boys. ;) Sensual but not erotica.
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Great review. I so agree with you about the cover. Not liking it too much, but book sounds good.

message 2: by The Flooze (new) - added it

The Flooze See, now, Gnu...YOU should've written the blurb for this book, since it's almost as velveeta as the cover. I'd never have given it a first glance, never mind a second.

To the TBR it goes!

new_user LOL! Yes, that cover always makes me wince a little. I hope you enjoy it! I just wish she wrote another one like this.

message 4: by The Flooze (new) - added it

The Flooze Sequel didn't pan out yet?

new_user Nah, the sequel wasn't quite in the same league. Neither was her scifi title. But I know she can do it! I still hold out hope! *pumps fist* LOL. I'm going to look for her short in one of those Mammoth books.

message 6: by The Flooze (new) - added it

The Flooze Lol. You keep up that positive thinking!

I read just one of those Mammoth books and was sorely disappointed by 3/4 of the stories. Sad.

Heeey! Did you get the email today about the first two chapters of Kate Daniels being available? She hasn't changed it too much from the excerpts we've already read, but we find out what that nasty diseasey schmutz is!

message 7: by new_user (last edited Feb 14, 2010 07:57PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

new_user LOL. I'm not going to buy the thing. Scrrrrew that, I'll just flip through it for her story. Nyaha!

No! I refuse to read anymore. I want to read the book whole, LOL. Nom nom.

message 8: by The Flooze (new) - added it

The Flooze Freakin' MAY. It's too long.

Even the blurb is fascinating.

And now I will tell you all about it...

new_user No, don't do it! Cover your ears, children, cover your ears!

message 10: by The Flooze (new) - added it

The Flooze Muah ha ha ha ha!!

message 11: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Well, at least it has a new cover now!

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