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Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward
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Feb 24, 2012

it was amazing

Lover Revealed is the 4th book in the BDB series and I must say that it fits in perfectly. This is the book wherein the story is focused on Butch and Marissa as well as their connection within the Brotherhood. To me, O’Neal’s connection with the Brotherhood was kinda off specially since he was human and the first time I read about his “bonding” or attraction with Marissa was tricky – I didn’t know how Ward would eventually make every mesh but Lover Revealed told me the story of how thing would be.

Lover Awakened was a hard book to follow Lover Awakened especially with the intensity of the story – it was about Zsadist after all but Lover Revealed pulled through and I should also add that it was as great as the first 3 books. No disappointments here. Okay so what did I love about Lover Revealed? For one, it’s the friendship between Rhage, V and Butch. It’s purely brotherly love – their devotion, loyalty as well as how funny it is to actually read about them three. I often found myself laughing at their dialogues, and for sure I was not the only one. Butch’s ha a lot of bitterness and confusion with his life as well at his relationship with the Brotherhood – it was perfectly human. I believe this is one part of Butch that most sympathized about – how will he be a part of the Brotherhood with all his limits? Ward’s decision in making Butch a vampire was somehow convenience in my point, it was THAT pretty red bow to make everything work together but that’s how Ward wanted it to be and I believe it worked well for both Butch and the series. Now to Marissa. Marissa, Marissa, Marissa. Hmmmmmmm. I can’t find the right word to describe my feelings toward the character, it’s difficult. I mean I didn’t hate her but I wasn’t in love with the character as well. Most of the time she was selfish, immature and just too fragile (to think she is one of the vampire ladies in the series!). For now, she is the most fragile of all the girls in the Brotherhood in my opinion but she’s Butch’s partner so it’s a package – maybe she’ll grow on me in the next books. Let’s see.

Lover Revealed is similar to the first 3 books when it comes to action and drama, pacing, intensity and not short on the erotic department as well. It’s addictive so don’t think that you can put the book down if you start reading it – make sure that before you pick it up, you don’t have anything to do afterwards because I am telling you now there’s no chance that you’ll be doing anything until you finish the book. To wrap this up, what I love about Lover Revealed and the whole series as a whole is the connection between one book to another at the same time that it can also be read as a stand alone book. You’ll read a lot of snippets between the other characters’ lives but the mystery of the whole is left for readers to discover as you pick up the next book. Nothing disappointing about Lover Revealed. Giving it 5 stars on my list!

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