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The Divide by Aubrey Clark
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Feb 24, 2012

did not like it
Recommended for: No one!

This book will not be written by L.J. Smith. It is not a continuation of her original trilogy and L.J. has no say in what will happen to her beloved characters. This will be written by a ghostwriter. L.J. Smith has been removed from this series (as well as The Vampire Diaries). Please show your support for L.J. Smith and do not purchase this book!
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message 1: by Namie (new)

Namie She announced on her blog that she was writing another Secret Circle book back in 2009. She lost The Vampire Diaries, not the Secret Circle.

Cat's Review If you check her current website, it clearly states that she lost her right to continue The Secret Circle (along with The Vampire Diaries). Both series were with the same publisher and she signed the same type of contract with both. She is not allowed to say or write anything about either series and she is devastated.


1.) L.J. SOLD the rights to these series, they weren't stolen from her.

2.) You rated it without even reading it?! Ummmmm.....oooookaaaayy.....

3.) The second half of this story is BETTER than the first.

Way to be ignorant!

message 4: by Cat's Review (last edited Oct 05, 2013 01:46PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Cat's Review Stella wrote:

1.) L.J. SOLD the rights to these series, they weren't stolen from her.
2.) You rated it without even reading it?! Ummmmm.....oooookaaaayy.....

Let’s clear a few things up, shall we?

1. L.J. Smith, in her early writing days, signed a work-for-hire contract. These books included The Secret Circle series and The Vampire Diaries series. She was writing stories about the characters she created and continued to publish books and short stories about these characters. Ms. Smith wanted to take the characters in a direction that was right for them but the publishers wanted her to write a very different story. Thus, she was removed from the series and prohibited from writing about the characters and the storyline that she created. Ms. Smith was also prohibited from mentioning exactly what transpired in the deal that removed her from both series.

2. While I did not say that her rights were stolen from her, she did not SELL her rights in the usual way – she signed a WORK-FOR-HIRE contract (that was not fully explained to her twenty years ago) and unfortunately, she is suffering those horrible consequences from that contract. Plus, she was removed or fired from both series.

3. The rating I gave this book is based on two reasons: 1) that that the publishers were trying to keep Ms. Smith’s name tied to the series, when in fact, she was removed, BY THEM, and prohibited from writing this book. This book is written by Aubrey Clark. 2) I did read half of The Divide. It did not have the same "flow" as the original author produced and it was a chore just to get through the first half. So, do not accuse people of rating the book without reading it if you do not have all the facts.

4. The Secret Circle: The Divide and subsequent books WILL NO LONGER BE WRITTEN BY L.J. Smith. And, although she is no longer the author of these future books, the publishers are still able to use her widely recognized author’s name as being still tied to the series.

Readers should be aware and informed that this series is no longer being written by L.J. Smith.

Thank you for pointing out the continued ignorance about this matter.

Please feel free to read all the other one-star reviews that go into greater detail about this unfortunate circumstance that would happen to an author who cared very deeply about her characters and her craft. Oh wait, I saw that you already did. You seem to be attacking all the other one-star reviewers with a vengeance.

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