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Feb 23, 2012

did not like it

I don't love this series but I don't actually hate this its just in the middle for me and I wanted to know how it will end so I continue on reading this series and right know I'm just waiting for this book HIDDEN and I do hope it will end in here cause honestly I'm getting bored at it the only reason I'm still reading this is because of STARK!!!

I'm really team STARK! And as for ZOEY i hate her!!!! I hated how every freaking Guy in the series is drooling over her.I hated the fact that she keeps insisting on being irritated at HEATH in the beggining but also claiming that for her he is her soulmate or whatever. Why can't she just be true to herself? If she's a slut then fine be a slut! at least she admits it but no she keeps on making herself the pretty delicate flower who doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

I also hate her because she keeps on giving STARK false hopes that she truly love him.....yeah their together now but stupid HEATH is back and I'm sure she'll do everything to help him and in the process STARK's feelings will be hurt...

And for the record the worst character I hate I'm my entire life is stupid HEATH.....I hate everything about him!! He just makes my blood boil whenever I think of his name..... I hate him cause he have this.....Oh I'm so strong I can do anything for ZOEY......attidude that I so much despise I wanted to gag..... and oh you have no idea how happy I was when he finally!finally!!!died!!! I'm like OH MY GOD AT LAST HE'S DEAD!! But no the author is trying to kill me cause he brought him back!! Doesn't matter if he's. AUROX now, for me he's still stupid HEATH!!!! And I swear I'll curse thus book if he and ZOEY end up together and they leave my beloved STARK alone and miserable!!!
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Edrillan (vampire junkie) thanks for the likes guys I'm happy to be the one who voice your opinion about this novel...

stephanie Couldn't have agreed more.

Tiffany I agree with you there best way to put it.

Becky I agree with you all the way!!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Im doing the exact same thing! The series is kinda dragging...but i want to see how everyone ends up so i keep on reading!

message 7: by Sheree (new) - added it

Sheree if you hate this series why are you still read up to book 10, if you hate Zoey you probably her from the beginning so why continue reading if you hate the main person?

stephanie @sheree. we all said we don't hate or love the series. its in the middle for us. we're only reading it because of stark....

Edrillan (vampire junkie) @sheree our reason for still reading this is just because of stark we want to know what other hurtful things Zoey will do to him and anyway @stephanie is right I didn't said I hate this series I said its in the middle for me ..... and one more thing who's logic did it came from that you cannot read a series just because you hate the main protagonist of the story? if authors think the same way you do they wouldn't have bothered adding other characters and they'll just stick with the heroine
cause hello! !!! that's one of the reason why they have other charac. to choose from just in case you hate the heroine.. readers will still have someone to cheer for....
just exactly what where doing with STARK

(and hey by the way the cover is kinda nice)

Sharmaine Mckeown Haha! She is a slut. Especially in Chosen, when Erik walked in on her and Loren.

message 11: by Bianca (new) - added it

Bianca Anamaria Hello. I'm new here. I want to read the last 3 books, but I'm from Europe and I'm can't buy them. Is there a site where I can read them. Thanks

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