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Rivals and Retribution by Shannon Delany
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Feb 23, 2012

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Read from August 31 to September 01, 2012

** spoiler alert **

Okay. Let's just say, this book both infuriated me and made me happy. The author tried to mess with my head at the end by making Jessie question if the whole series was in her head. And that pissed me off because if it had ended like that, I would have gone into full-on Rage mode. Luckily, she bounced back and it WAS for real.

Jessie, Pietr, Cat, Max, Amy, Alexi... I love their characters. Have since the first book. Watching -or should I say, reading- their journey and struggles through the series has been amazing.

Despite the fact that the end wasn't as detailed as I'd have liked, it was a happy ending. It wasn't "Oh. This was all a dream I made up in my head while working on my writing assignment. THE END." Which is a definite plus. Other pluses include the fact that they found the cure (!!!), Dmitri and Gabe are dead, Wondermann has been arrested, Jessie undid the damage that Derek caused with Wanda's mind, All of my Favorite Characters are still alive and well, and Pietr & Jessie, Max & Amy are still together. And Alexi is back with his love.

...Did I miss anything? I'd give it another star, but the way it tried to mess with my head in the end, and the drama of the imprinting problem made me furious. Still. I LOVE the series, and I'm glad it had a happy ending. I do have to say -kind of off topic- that the author seems to be poking fun at the very genre she's written through Annabelle Lee.


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Reading Progress

08/31/2012 page 36
11.0% "Really really hate Gabe & Marlaena. So so much. I hope they get what's coming to them. Dmitri, too. :/"
08/31/2012 page 51
16.0% "Wow. No wonder Derek was so screwed up. I hate his mother as much as I hated him. Seriously. Messing with Wanda's mind like that is beyond screwed up. Assholes."
08/31/2012 page 66
21.0% "Thank you, Gareth, for Marlaena's change of heart. I wish Jessie had stayed still long enough for her to explain, though. Maybe everything would have gone better. And Gabe and Dmitri continue to piss me off."
08/31/2012 page 104
33.0% "Okay. So Pietr's back to his wolf self. Is Max okay?! :( And I know the author is hinting at something. It looks like Pietr & Marlaena are... attracted to each other now? *shudders* If this is true, I will be seriously pissed off."
08/31/2012 page 122
38.0% "NOOOOO! What the hell did Cat 'read' in Jessie & Pietr's tea cups? So help me, if they break up... >.<"
09/01/2012 page 243
76.0% "No no no no NO. NO. What the hell? Why? No. Just no. Dammit all."
09/01/2012 page 275
86.0% "Pietr's 'imprinted' with Marlaena. He's going crazy. Jess is breaking down. Dear god, I'm crying. GAH."
09/01/2012 page 305
95.0% "How dare the author screw with my mind like this? NOT COOL, man. Not cool. :/"

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