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Waiter Rant by The Waiter
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Feb 23, 2012

it was amazing
Read in February, 2012

Just when you think the world is safe from Hannibal Lecter, he gets re-incarnated into a waiter. People you seldom think have power, truly do possess the magic stick. This waiter's account on being a manager at a bistro in NY is incredible. There's tons of witty comments, ironic moments, times when you're thinking the human race could not get anymore rude and of course times where you're laughing out loud going WHAT THE FUCK! If you piss this waiter off he's not going to spit in your food he's going make you look like the ass that you really are. I never really understood how many jobs were involved in being a waiter until reading this book, ie. food allergy specialists, sommeliers, cell-phone-rule enforcers, eye candy, confessors, entertainers, mixologists, emergency medical technicians, bouncers, receptionists, joke tellers, therapists, linguists, punching bags, psychics, protocol specialists, and amateur chefs (preface). Trying to hold a restaurant together is a verying trying duty but somebody's got to do it. At certain instances this waiter has time to reflect on what is important and the few things he really does like about the job. There's not many items on that list but the ones that are have left an imprint on this guys' heart. In my personal opinion this was an amazing book because it gives you the point of view of the waiter and what they have to deal with: people skipping out on the bill, people not tipping (and how that effects their lives), people having medical/social/ martial and other emergencies, and last but not least PEOPLE JUST BEING PLAIN OLD RUDE. Take a minute and think about how you treat your server when you go out for a drink or meal. If you need a checklist on how to be a good customer, you're in luck this book has one and take note to read it.

There were some really profound passages in the book that really struck a chord with me, this one in particular:

"I also had two English teachers in high school. They taught me that reading literature could teach you about the 'universal human experience.' Maybe you'll never hunt another man through the jungle, my teachers told me. Maybe you won't climb Mount Kilimanjaro or watch a bullfight in the afternoon- you don't have to. The world's a big place. You can't do or be everything, nor should you. Life is bigger than any one man. But when you read about other people's lives, when you read their STORIES, you catch a glimpse of a world bigger than your own. You may never travel a hundred miles from where you were born, but if you read stories, you'll get to see the entire world. You'll enter into the Great Mystery." (pg. 189)

The above stated passage is exactly why I enjoy reading so much. You get exposed to different worlds and different people. You get to explore the unknown without really leaving your comfort zone. For a waiter that has a lot to say he nailed this one right on the head and he had some really great teachers.

If you read this book you won't be disappointed! It's totally out of the ordinary, which is something that is always nice to lighten up the reading horizon!
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