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One Good Dog by Susan  Wilson
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"But when I felt those tremors, heard his raspy voice, I realized that I was still needed, maybe as much as ever. I had chosen this one and I owed it to him to see him through this new pain. It's my job; I'm a pet."

I am an animal lover. They give true unconditional love. They don't judge you and are always there for you. I believe they can heal emotional wounds. That is what happened to Adam in this book.

Of course this was a predictable book. A spoiled rich guy had to learn humility and what better way to do that then to pick up the poop from your dog. That wasn't exactly what happened but it sums it up in a nut shell.

Adam and his animal counterpart Chance were both from damaged pasts. They needed someone to believe in the good they had in them despite what was portrayed by their hard exteriors. They needed to be looked at without disappointing eyes. They fulfilled this for each other.

I think a lot of readers were too critical of Adam. He had a bad childhood. His father voluntarily gave him up to social services and he was in 12 different foster homes with some abusive people and was never adopted. His sister Veronica abandoned him too when he was 5. She ran away. He was all alone and he developed coping mechanisms and the only thing that motivated him was the desire to get an education and be successful so he could not have to endure this ever again. Well, kudos for him for becoming a millionaire all on his own with no help. This is pretty hard to do. So he got a big head and lived a material life that didn't fulfill him. He lost it all because of unresolved issues from his childhood. His anger issues caused him to slap the face of his secretary and was sentenced to community service at a food kitchen. So he did undergo changes and he learned humility. Cut him some slack and give the guy some credit. He became the man he was meant to be. I was glad he found himself and got closure to his unresolved childhood conflict. He got closer to his daughter and got a girlfriend that liked him for who he was rather than how much money had.

That being said, I don't think the author did a great job with the details of the story, the reader pretty much had to read the lines and fill in the missing parts because of how we knew it would turn out. It lacked Adam's emotional connection with the dog, which was the whole point of the book. We know he rescued the dog, but there weren't much emotional scenes with them, nor enough interaction between the two. It seemed like Adam changed mostly because of the food kitchen and Gina rather than his relationship with the dog. If all the dog's parts were removed, Adam would have still changed. We knew the dog changed Adam only because of the title and common sense rather than by the author's good writing.

I felt sorry for Chance the whole story. His story did not get enough attention. His impact on Adam wasn't portrayed as well as it could have been. Also, I hated the ending. I don't see why that needed to happen. And once again, the impact on Adam wasn't really talked about and it should have been. Where was Adam's reaction? 

This story was more about Adam than it was about Adam and his dog. The dog just so happened to be there even though he was the best part of the story. This was a missed opportunity. This was the heart of the story. I didn't feel totally sorry for a rich guy with Daddy issues but I sure felt heartbroken over a pit bull raised to fight and die in the pit. He is the one that didn't get much of a Chance and he deserved it most of all. 
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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Great review of a book that sounds like it could have been so much more!!!

message 2: by Nola (new) - rated it 1 star

Nola I haven't finished the book yet, but am already feeling the same thing.

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