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A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison
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Feb 23, 2012

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Rachel has always teetered on the line of annoying for me, but I've still really enjoyed this series. I was really looking forward to reading this book. I really enjoyed Pale Demon and I was really hoping some 'loose ends' were going to be tied up in this book.. But I was extremely let down, several times. The one event the book seemed to really be leading up to, never happened. It seemed like it was going to happen several times, and then.. nothing but interruptions and stupid pride. I'm mad that it took so long for Al to make an appearance. I'm mad that even though Rachel finally embraces her demon magic, she still gets her butt kicked. (as usual, she's all bark and barely a nip) She's so powerful, and she still gets beat down.. BY A HUMAN no less!!! smh.. I can't believe that 10 books into a series and the main character still needs to grow the heck up. (which they mention in the book). She acts on her emotions and not with her head, unless it's when she SHOULD act on her emotions, in which case it seems to be the opposite. and I didn't like how all of the sudden Kisten was brought up in the story so much.! He was basically a backdrop through the whole story.. managing to be a character even though he is dead and hasn't really been brought up much at all in the last few books. Jenks wasn't quite as funny as usual. Even Ivy didn't seem to have much of a role in this book. Sure she was there, but always in the back ground. I liked Wayde, especially since Rachel treated him like crap the whole time, for simply doing his job. Trent was awesome, as usual. He's always been one of my favorites. His relationship with Ceri seems strange, but somewhat understandable.

I really hope the next book is better or I may have to give up on the series.
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Sonja Bristow Thank you!!! From reading some of the other reviews, I was getting worried that too many people think Rachel is a) actually growing up & b) a bad a$$, which is has proven time and again, that she is not. But still love the series and can't wait for the next one.

Tammy K. Fair review. I agree full hardheartedly about Kisten Character still lingering on way too much for this late in his death. You are the only other persons whose review I read that found Trent and Ceri relationship odd. To me, it is like Quen has been nullified as Rays father and Ceris true mate.
As for Ivy, I have pretty much given up on her character. The Character of Ivy seems to have become shallower.
While it is true Al took forever to get in the story, I feel it was about the time he got in that the real book started and the story line began to have a direction.
As for Wayne I felt the character was too weak for a bodyguard and served as too much of a punching bag. I think that there was no real purpose for Wayne other then maybe for a new book, one in which he gets a back bone?
Thank you for your review. I can not see why others are giving this book five stars, when other books in the series are better then this by a long way.
I still love the series but feel this book missed the mark.

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