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it was amazing
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ok w o w I am just overwhelmed with all the feelings I have about this book!! Look, I won't lie: I am absolutely in love with Legendary. It definitely is my favourite of the trilogy and 10/10 did wholly take my soul with it's viciously gorgeous games and murderous love. And then here we have Finale to round it all off, and...that's a lot of pressure. There are spots I'm disappointed in? But over all it was the magical feast of wicked delight that I was waiting for.

...also I'm so freaking sad it's over...?? what am i supposed to do with my life now. WHAT WILL BE MY NEXT OBSESSION. (Actually, this, still. hahah. I haven't listened to it on audio yet, son, i will be back.)

*:·゚✧ | PLOT | *:·゚✧
Unlike the first two books, this doesn't have a Caraval game! So straight off it was quite differently paced. I did miss the fact it had less structure? But I am addicted to structure lmao so that's on me. It's also narrated by both Scarlett and Tella but Tella's over here with a neck ache from carrying 100% of the plot. I continue to love her best but kind of felt Scarlett got dealt a dirty hand here with little to do. Anyway. Obviously this one centres around Fates and magic and pretenders for the throne and the all consuming ache of deciding when to risk your heart with love. The ending was BRILLIANCE. I am starry-eyed at the perfection.

And the plot twists?? I screamed over one in particular. (view spoiler)

*:·゚✧ | MAGIC | *:·゚✧
as usual i died of complete love and intense jealous over how good the writing is!!! I mEAN. it is lush and gorgeous and the gowns descriptions continued to blow me away. The sheer level of prettiness?! I love pretty things ok. This book is unapologetically gorgeous and each page is a treat.

*:·゚✧ | CHARACTERS | *:·゚✧
Right so we need a good solid discussion about the characters 🤗

Tella continued to be my favourite. Like her character development is perfect, her attitude is like a fire cracker fell in love with a treasure load of gems and she's just so full of vivacious life. LOVE her. She's also unapologetic about being into lovely things and being badass. And also she wants a boy to kiss her? So she kisses him. 😌I'm just so here for how this book cheered girls on for being romantics.
☆ Like I said, Scarlett had very little plot. Lol. I feel bad for her, but I was just so uninvested in her chapters? In Caraval she shone. Here she's kind of playing a petty romance game with Julian and [name redacted], while Tella is over there witnessing horror and magic gone feral. And I was just a bit 🤨at the inequality.
☆ We were totally robbed of Julian time but he is a sweetie rogue. And I loved the moment when Scarlett just called him OUT and is basically like "you think you're badass but you're a marshmallow". True. True.
☆ Now for the real reason for existence cAN WE TALK ABOUT LEGEND MY LOVE. Argh I freaking adore him. No spoilers but sir was wicked and loving, dark and yet sometimes vulnerable. I loved his and Tella's relationship and it just continued to be everything. He is a gorgeous PROBLEM and they all know it and they just go with it.
☆ And lastly Jacks my fave Fate who accidentally let Tella be his OTP while Tella would happily stab him with his own apple core. Look Jacks is a disaster. He can't even tuck his shirt in. But I just kind of loved him. 😂He is the best of the Fates obviously and omg that ONE SCENE where Tella storms at him?? (You'll know what I mean if you've read it.) I died. It is the best. 😂

Secondary characters: Ok I admit the new Big Bad Villain felt meh to me. I didn't really care about him. He seemed bad but not bad enough. lmao I am terrible. And I loved getting to know the other Fates!!! Their powers are so unique and intriguing and can we please just shout out to the fact that they're such an interesting, intriguing, and clever concept?! Fates trapped in cards!

like everything in this book is so different and brilliant!!! i love every twist of the world. 10/10 for the entire world, and the magic system, and the lore.

ok I really want to be quick because I LOVED this book and I don't want to critique it, but I would be amiss not to say: I do think it had a ton of potential that it didn't hit on. I'm here for the romances, I always have been, but for Finale, it came at the cost of not developing the world more. And I'm angry that we didn't get Julian/Legend backstory. It felt...forgotten. Not left for intrigue. A series ending should leave you with loose threads, yes, but this felt like a gaping hole.

(view spoiler)

*:·゚✧ | THE TRUE ENDING | *:·゚✧
can i cry on u

it was SO GOOD. It was perfect. The very last letter Tella writes just had me screaming for 700 years. I loved loved loved how tied together and where the characters ended up. There was sacrifice and betrayal and gorgeous redemption. There was villainy and heroes and girls not waiting to be saved because they were too busy saving the whole goddamn world. This book is everything that makes my heart beat and I will LOVE this series forever. It's exquisitely dark and beautiful and I am so sad to say goodbye. But also deeply satisfied.

"Tella, you once told me there's more to life than staying safe--"
"I was talking about having fun, not moving in with murderers!"

He might have been a liar and a villain, but he made both those things look very good.
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Ella OMG I count agree more !! All your disappointments were mine disappointments too. Still love the series tho

Stella ☆Paper Wings☆ I just wrote my own review and then came here and basically read my exact thoughts in your review!😂 (I especially agree about Jacks... Not sure what happened there?)

yana I need Stephanie to write a spin-off book, or an entire series thank you very much, about Tella’s [spoiler] and her adventures with Legend. And what happened to Jacks at the end? He just left so abruptly. I NEED MORE CARAVAL BOOKS PLEASE

message 4: by Cat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cat Carstairs Oh my gosh I didn't connect the pieces until reading this review... Paradise the Lost (HEIR) wow *facepalm*

Booklover Ahh yes, this series is just magical!
Also, Jacks gets his closure in the new series that Stephanie Garber is writing!! (Once Upon a Broken Heart)
I'm half terrified, half excited for the book to release!!
Random but: will you be reading it?

C.G. Drews Booklover wrote: "Ahh yes, this series is just magical!
Also, Jacks gets his closure in the new series that Stephanie Garber is writing!! (Once Upon a Broken Heart)
I'm half terrified, half excited for the book to ..."

Definitely!! I can't wait for the new series!

Booklover C.G. wrote: "Booklover wrote: "Ahh yes, this series is just magical!
Also, Jacks gets his closure in the new series that Stephanie Garber is writing!! (Once Upon a Broken Heart)
I'm half terrified, half excite..."

I only want Jacks to get his Happily Ever After!
PS: Could we like... chat (ie, gush) about this series together?! It's been months but I really can't get over this series, lol.

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