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Blood Storm by Rhiannon Hart
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Feb 22, 2012

it was amazing
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Striking and stunning! I adored Blood Song's cover but I LOVE Blood Storm's cover. The blue background and the clouds really appeal to me and I love the girl's dress too!


A bloody storm is heading towards Zeraphina...

If you remember reading my review of Blood Song, then you'll know how much I loved it. Besides the fact that it's an Aussie novel which meant that of course I had to read it, the world Rhiannon Hart has created in Blood Song sang to me in many different ways. I was immersed in her writing and Zeraphina's story. I needed the sequel so badly and when I finally had the chance to read it, it completely took my breath away. Blood Storm is an AMAZING sequel to Blood Song.

Blood Storm continues Zeraphina's story as she unravels more secrets behind her life and what it means to be a Harming. In Blood Storm, we're taken on a journey with Zeraphina and Rhodden as they gather ingredients which can help them defeat the Lharmells. I absolutely love 'road trips' and Zeraphina and Rhodden's trip is so exciting! I like how things are slowly beginning to unravel, such as Rhodden's past and the looks of Zeraphina's future. Rhiannon continues with her beautiful, eerie and gorgeous lyrical writing, hooking me into the story with each words and leaving me hanging with the ending. I could not believe Blood Storm ended that way and now I am desperate for the third book already!

How I adore Zeraphina and Rhodden. Let's start with Zeraphina first! During the journey, Zeraphina endures quite a few problems that she deals with very well. Rhodden is not available to help her at times and I like how she can stand on her own, defend herself and also help others. Her growing relationship with Rhodden is my favourite! After that beautiful 'peacock' scene in Blood Song, I am curious of how their relationship will develop and I'm glad my curiousity is answered in Blood Storm. Rhodden is slowly opening up to Zeraphina, including sharing his past to her and while sometimes Rhodden can be cold, I like his sweet moments with Zeraphina. It pains me to think of what Rhodden has been through! While I liked Renata and Lilith (Zeraphina's mother and sister) in Blood Song, I feel annoyed with them in this book. Renata is all about 'Zeraphina, you are 17 already! You must marry someone now!' and Lilith is not supportive of her own sister. I wish they can understand Zeraphina's feeling better, rather than thinking of themselves all the time! But it's not a problem since Zeraphina and Rhodden's scenes coats my little frustration over Lilith and Renata!

Blood Storm is the lyrical and eerily gorgeous sequel to Blood Song. Rhiannon Hart's writing once again pulls me into the world of Lharmells, hooking me with each words and leaving me hanging with the ending. Dark, romantic and exciting, Blood Storm is an epic stormy sequel to Blood Song readers will love!

Thank you Rhiannon Hart for the copy of Blood Storm!
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Braiden You finished?!! Gonna get to this soon. Maybe after Throne of Glass... though I might put it down and pick up this first. FIRST FIRST I got to write these other reviews lol.

Celine I DID! Started it last night and couldn't put it down. IT WAS AWESOME!

And ooo, when did you get your copy? ;)


Braiden Yesterday! You raise the stakes, my girl!

Yeah I intended to do all four of the reviews I needed to write today... but I only wrote my Anna Dressed in Blood one... I suck!

message 4: by Celine (last edited Jul 17, 2012 11:29PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Celine Hehehehe :P

OOO! Did you enjoy Anna Dressed in Blood? I adore that book SO MUCH! <3

Braiden Just wait for my review tomorrow ;)

And I really need better system for reviewing... urghh

Celine I will DEFINITELY check out your review! ;)

Better system for reviewing? Why? I thought yours was great already!

Braiden Like I mean... it takes me hours to write a review lol. Having notes in a book would help that.

Celine Oh I see :P Hahaha, I agree! I never take notes when reading a book, even books for school :P

Braiden Or maybe being able to write SHORTER reviews would help. But I always find myself going off on tangents or taking ages just to write one sentence the way I want it to be lol

OH FUCK! So like I read first chapter of Blood Storm... but then I also began Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan and I’m 50+ pages in... THEN I JUST GOT APPROVED FOR THE RISE OF NINE!! Priorities! Priorities are gone. SLEEP IS GONE. MY SOCIAL LIFE IS GONE THIS MONTH AND NEXT! Why does August have to be filled with sequels? SEQUELS THAT I WANT! ARGHHGGBGO”F*PHEOG

Me=cray cray... but yeah. Might be finishing off a couple more books tonight by the looks of it and adding more books to the list to review.

Celine I think you're CRAY CRAY LOL


Spark and The Rise of Nine can WAIT ;P

Braiden NOOOOOOOO! I’ll read all three tonight. I’ll take pills and coffee just to get them read. I don’t think I would do the same for Throne of Glass just yet though. lol

Celine But you'll go insane! How can you read 3 different books at the same time? Anyway, YOU HAVE TO FINISH BLOOD STORM first before the other 2 books. It's AUSSIE so READ IT FIRST!

Awww, you're not enjoying Throne of Glass so far are you? How far are you into the book?

Braiden Chapter 7 in Throne of Glass.


Celine WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT I AM NUMBER FOUR? I watched the movie and it was okay. :P

Braiden I JUST LOVE THE BOOKS and find them utterly enjoyable and impulsive :P

Celine Would you recommend me to read it? :P

message 17: by Alice ♔ (new) - added it

Alice ♔ Braiden wrote: "Or maybe being able to write SHORTER reviews would help. But I always find myself going off on tangents or taking ages just to write one sentence the way I want it to be lol

OH FUCK! So like I rea..."

Holy shit Braiden, I've NEVER seen you this crazy. o____O Is the capslocking on twitter starting to rub off on you?

Celine He wrote an essay instead of a comment :P

message 19: by Alice ♔ (new) - added it

Alice ♔ I know right? Bloooooooooody hell. o_o And the keysmashing? W.O.W.

Braiden HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA! Yeah I think it has rubbed off on me.

And yeah... Celine I recommend it. Brodie loves it. And I know some others do too :P

message 21: by Alice ♔ (new) - added it

Alice ♔ *nods head* I think it has. I feel...proud? ;D

Celine Braiden wrote: "HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA! Yeah I think it has rubbed off on me.

And yeah... Celine I recommend it. Brodie loves it. And I know some others do too :P"

Quick! Name 5 reasons why I Am Number Four is GOOD!

PS: What do you think of the movie?

Braiden The movie’s good, but the book’s better!!!

Umm 5 reasons:
• A lot of us love this series.
• Superpowers and aliens (that are basically humans... lol)
• Sam who is my favourite character, because I kind of see myself in him a bit... Oh, who am I kidding?
• In the sequels we get POVs from the other nine (well not all of them but some)
• In the sequels we travel the globe//and to Lorien in memories//
• Lots of kickass and likeable characters
• You just have to read it for yourself...?

that’s more... I know.

Celine GREAT JOB. You've convinced me to read this book. *hunts down a copy*

As usual, books are usually better than movies. I can't even think of a movie that is better than the book :P

Braiden Oh yeah... full of action!!

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