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Relentless by Lauren Dane
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Feb 22, 2012

really liked it

I just gobbled this book up. Am not quite sure how to verbalize how I feel about it but I'll give it my best shot.

This is Sci-Fi, romance, erotica. It's trying for so many things, and succeeds on many levels. Dane's adeptness at world building, writing believable character interaction, and smoking sex scenes made me frustrated with what were some simple mistakes that I think could have been easily fixed. There's a handful of times when she shows rather than tells, using characters to say something they wouldn't naturally say to make a point that she already made. I would have appreciated more of a build up in the relationship between the hero and heroine, but I think the nice-to-meet-you-let's-bang thing is characteristic of erotic writing.

I was impressed by Dane's world building. This is the second in her Federation Chronicles series. It does a great job of telling more about the government and societal structuring of the "'verse". The sci-fi element does not overwhelm the other aspects of the novel. In addition to the fantastical element there is the political storyline wherein the heroine is an woman is an activist fighting for representation for the disenfranchised minority. The hero is the head of the ruling class, but is a hardworking, excellent leader. Nice interplay develops from this dissonance.

Teared up a bit at the end. Good book, worth the time for sex/romance lovin' fans of fantasy/sci fi ;)

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