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The Savage Grace by Bree Despain
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Feb 22, 2012

really liked it
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Read from February 22 to 28, 2012

I received this book first from winning it from Bree's blog, and then I received it again from Random house. I put off reviewing this until the release date was a little closer, and I had some time to think over the events of the book. This is one of my all time favorite trilogies, and I wanted to give it a fair review. There were a lot of things I really like about this book that made it quite different from other YA books, but there were also a bunch of things I didn't like and made this book my least favorite in the series. So I'm gonna start with the things I liked: Grace was less human (physically) in this book than she has been in other books, yet she was the most human (emotionally) in this book, and that was something I really liked. She was sort of weak and emotional, and even though Grace hated feeling all these emotions and feeling like she was a weak link I felt like she was more relatable in her weakness. When Grace is missing Daniel, you really find yourself missing Daniel too. The way Bree Despain explains the pain and yearning for Daniel you really start to feel it too, you start feeling desperate for his return and nervous it might never happen. There were little moments between Daniel and Grace that were just so cute you couldn't help but smile and wish you had the kind of relationship they have. One of these moments happens when Grace goes to visit Daniel in the basement bedroom he's sleeping in and she's hears him whisper her name just as she's about to leave and he says " I hoped you'd come" Grace explains how even though they're two floors apart with their connection they feel like they're in the same room. Grace had a lot of fights with her inner wolf, and that was always an interesting battle to read. This book unlike the other two had A LOT of action. The book started out a little slow but around page 177 the action really started to happen, and never stopped. It just kept getting more and more action packed. Without giving it away, I will just say the part when Daniel turns back into human for the first explanations just read it! I liked how the book includes church and religion in it, I feel like lately a lot of people are afraid to put religion into things to keep from upsetting people, so to have it so important in this book was really refreshing. I also really like how Grace and Daniel waited to have sex. Grace said from the start she was going to wait, and even though they became so close and so involved they still waited. That doesn't usually happen in YA, they almost always give it up pretty quickly. Now on to things I didn't like and there isn't much. One: the number one thing I disliked my favorite character died!!!! I was like WHAT?!?!? It was truly a heartbreaking moment in the book, I cried and cried. A character I was just beginning to love died too. There was just too much deaths from people I liked. Something was left open at the end, very open, and the curiosity of what that will lead to will kill me every time I think of it.

Quote I liked: "Now see, there's someone who knows how to use 'literally' the correct way."

Advice before starting the book: Go back to the previous book and brush up on the characters you met in the last book. The shadow kings and the lost boys.
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