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Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel
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Feb 22, 2012

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Half Brother

Half Brother by Kenneth Opel is in the genre realistic fiction because it has happened in real life where someone has taken a baby chimp into thier house for an experiment. Although it probably wasn't as intresting and descriptive as Kenneth Opel's take on it.

Half Brother is about a family, Ben the son and his parents Richard and Sarah. The Tomlin's have to move from Toronto, ON to Victoria, ON because of a new science experiment they were doing about cross fostering a monkey as a human. They raised Zan in their house wearing clothes and eating human food and learning ASL (American sign language.)Later in the book Ben and his mom became very attached to Zan. Except Richard only sees him as a test subject. He didn't love him he only wanted the grant from the university. So when they didn't get the grant and had to send Zan away to a "better" home he didn't refuse because to him it was over and he didn't need Zan anymore. But when Sarah and Ben go to visit Zan they see a letter that the ranch was going to send Zan away to an instuite that used animals in an inhumane way.

Kenneth Opel has wrote the Silver WIng series and I'm pretty sure he won an award for that but he always repeated sentences for different events until I could predict exactly what he was going to say and when. One thing he did very well is make the reader fall in love with the characters just as if you actually knew them. As he was explaining Zan and writing about him over the years I started loving him like he was my brother.

As far as what I thought of the book it was book it was very well done although I only rated it a 3. I think Half Brother is a sad but intresting book and I defintly agree that it is one of the nominees for the grade 7's age group award. What really broke my heart about this story is how the university just took Zan away from his home and his mom for an experiment that when they were done with could just get rid of him. Of course I would do the same thing as Ben and stick up for Zan because he truly loved him like a brother, a half brother.

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