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Winter Moon by Dean Koontz
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Feb 22, 2012

it was ok

This was not one of Mr. Koontz's better efforts, although still somewhat entertaining. Story of an LA cop , Jack McGarvey, who gets wounded in action and ends up moving, with his wife Heather and eight-year-old son Toby, to a desolate ranch in Montana during winter (Montana's my home state; the snow gets high and the temperature gets REALLY low, so the description of that aspect of the book is quite realistic). The ranch was recently willed to the cop by the father of one of Jack's partners who was killed in action. The father had admired Jack from the partner's description of him. The Montana property is visited by a REAL nasty alien who ultimately kills the friend's father, and plagues Jack and his family right up till the end!

Well, OK, should be a fun, quick read with lots of suspenseful and disgusting passages. Well, it does have all that stuff, but y'see, we've seen it all before:

"The Shining" (1977) _ family snowbound, small boy, plucky wife, evil presence - Check!
"Deamcatcher" (2001) - Nasty alien threatens group of friends in a remote cabin - Check!
"Predator" - (1987) slow realization that one's foe is a nasty, smart alien - Check!
"Stargate" (1994, the year "Winter Moon" was published) - dime-thin portal into/out of another dimension - Check!
"Pet Sematary" (1983) - corpses coming back to life via spooky forces - Check!

I'm sure you'll be able to think of more such examples. And OK, we also have the ubiquitous dog (Golden Retriever named Falstaff), who makes his appearance only in the second half of the book, but unlike most Koontz works, the dog isn't any smarter than your ordinary dog, much less the cast of human characters. And the story starts out in southern California, where many Koontz works are set. Sooooo, sorry to say, this one was a disappointment. No matter, that was the only one so far that was so, and I have many more yet to read. Skip this one, folks.

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