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** spoiler alert ** [This just in: the movie adaptation, Mockingjay: Part 1, was absolutely outstanding. I've seen both of the other movies for this series, and while I enjoyed them greatly, the third instalment was on another level entirely. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a very, very long time. Good job, movie people. You made a meh book into a stellar piece of cinema.]

Those two stars are for the last ten pages, which were absolutely outstanding. Probably the best ten pages of the series. The 380 pages before that, however, deserve nothing. The first 380 pages can kiss my ass.

This book was a fucking slog. I kid you not. This book tried me to the point of breaking. About halfway through, I was ready to feed the damn thing to my dog.

I'm not the biggest Hunger Games fan. Y'all know that. However, when I read Catching Fire, after its predecessor disappointed me, I was STOKED to read Mockingjay. Catching Fire was just fantastic. I really, really and truly enjoyed it.

Mockingjay was a bloodbath. If you're sensitive to pointless deaths and gratuitous violence, then this is not the book for you.

Actually, I like that word. Gratuitous. It describes this book perfectly. Everything in this book was gratuitous and over the top, from the wangst to the ridiculous romantic interludes in the middle of battle scenes, and from the candy-gore violence to the stupid, overly-disgusting deaths of several characters who did not need to die. There's also the writing, which is so overwrought - it's not even like the author took the sparseness of the first book and butchered it. It's like she took the sparseness, fed it to her dog, fed the dog to a crocodile, fed the crocodile to a Tyrannosaurus rex, cut the Tyrannosaurus rex up into steaks, sold the steaks in Soho to a cabaret dancer, A-bombed the cabaret dancer's house, collected the ashes, mixed them into fluorescent paint, and then splattered the paint all over the White House in D.C. Because we, as readers who have stuck by and read the entire series through, need an entire page of Creative Writing Class explanation on what the Hanging Tree song means. It's like in the first book, when we were constantly being told exactly what the dandelions represent. And in Catching Fire, when the meaning being the clock was spelled out in an "I AM SYMBOLISM" manner. Everything, from Katniss's clothes (which she's weirdly fixated with) to her circular, drier-than-Egyptian-sand inner monologues were painstakingly pored over to the point of ridiculousness. Yes. Ridiculousness. Shall I repeat that again? Ridiculousness.

One more time? No? Ridiculousness.


Contrary to the masses, I love reading books where loads of lovable characters die in the final fight. I love going through that grief, feeling the torment of watching one of my beloved friends die a bloody death. In fact, in my own work, I have a death list. I kid you not. I literally have a list of the most beloved characters, and I've put stars in red pen against all those who die.

There are many red stars on that list.

But what I do not enjoy, and what I found far too much of in Mockingjay, are pointless deaths. Deaths that don't ensure anyone else's survival, are excessively undignified, or never grieved for. Finnick, Mesalla, Mitchell, Boggs, and Cinna all died ridiculous deaths that really did nothing to aid Katniss's bringing down the Capitol. Essentially, they were all just Mauve Shirts, and they had been all along. I mean, fine. If the author wanted to kill these characters, go ahead and do it. It's actually not the fact that the characters died that bothered me. Yes, I was absolutely distraught over the death of Finnick (he just married Annie! Annie was pregnant! What the fuck kind of sadist kills that?) but given the choice myself? I'd probably kill him too. But the way in which Finnick dies is nonsensical.

YA is a tricky field in which to write dystopian. True dystopian always deals with death. It always deals with untimely death, tragic lives and terrible situations in which people are abused and scarred, in any and every way. But YA is inspiring to young people. YA is a window to different ideologies and -isms held up by other people; for instance, Mockingjay is a clear message against war. But YA is also meant for a broad audience of a younger age, and that comes with a responsibility to instill a message that yes, will inspire, but coax some kind of hope out of readers. Some kind of desire to be a better person. Some kind of knowledge that there are wonderful things in the world worth salvaging, and weathering difficult patches in life will ultimately result in a brighter future.

This sounds idealistic, I know. But this series is shelved in Children's. Kids as young as 12 are picking these books up, and what are they finding? The world sucks. People suck. Give up, and stop caring, because nothing good will ever come of trying. Perseverance will get you nowhere. Suicide and alcoholism will make you feel better.


Where is Katniss? Who's the drugged-up shadow that's replaced her? In Mockingjay, this fickle, doom-and-gloom girl is not the battleaxe we met in The Hunger Games. This Katniss is constantly waking up in hospital, taking drugs and completely losing the will to fight for the people she loves. Her voice is flat, drab, full of a whole lot of wangst surrounding the love triangle that, during the latter half of the book, became one of the very main concerns. What? I hear a lot of guff about this not being a romance, but it's quite clear that it is. And the scene in Tigris's cellar when Katniss pretends to sleep, but actually lies awake listening to Gale and Peeta talk about how they both love her unconditionally, and are perfectly fine to let her choose who she'll pick like a carton of juice off the shelf in the supermarket, and who she'll dump on his ass? Brought back some pretty pungent T-word memories. Gale and Peeta have absolutely no self-respect, and this scene was totally unrealistic. People do not behave like that in real life. Think about it: you're sitting facing the person who you know has been fooling around with the person you wholeheartedly love, and have done for years. The person you one day see yourself marrying. Are you really going to say, "Oh, I know how he/she feels about you. I know he/she has been making out with you behind my back, just after making out with me. I'm cool with that. I get it. No biggie." Don't even lie. I know that if I were Peeta or Gale, I'd be absolutely furious with Katniss. I'd demand to know why I was being toyed with, used even, and frankly? I'd walk away. I'd pick up my dignity and get out of there, because being treated like a piece of chewy candy in a pack of two that she can't decide whether or not to eat is an insult, and unspeakably degrading.

I kind of wanted Katniss to end up alone. Yes, once I'd forced myself to come to terms with the fact that that wasn't going to happen, I did enjoy the last ten pages greatly. Greatly. They were quite beautiful, actually, as long as I pushed myself to suck up everything I hated about the miserable and hopeless tone of this book. What I didn't enjoy was Gale's end. What happened to him? Oh, he's in District 2. And what's he doing in Distict 2? Dunno. How did he get there? Dunno. Why did he go there? Dunno. How does he feel about Katniss being with Peeta out of default, not either one's choice? Dunno. What's he going to do with his life now? Where is he going to live? What's going to happen to this character that we've been forced upon for almost three whole books, and 1200+ pages, and who's played a huge part in the story of Katniss's life?

Uh...I dunno.

I also couldn't believe Katniss's trial just happened without us. What the heck? Katniss is moping and plotting her suicide gratuitously in her room in the Capitol, and then one day Haymitch wanders in and says, "Your trial's over. You're free as a bird."

Yes, Katniss is free as a bird. She goes home and lives out the rest of her days as she pleases (and her mother just buggers off too, like Gale did. Where's your mom, Katniss? "Oh, somewhere.").

This whole thing felt like a sputtering fizzle-out of what really should have been a fantastic series. Part way through Catching Fire, I was considering that this series may even be literary, but Mockingjay spat on that. This is commercial YA, through and through. Yeah, the strong message about war and the hopelessness of Katniss tries to cover it up, but it has everything: silly love triangle, cackling villain, and the fate of the world resting on a teenager's shoulders. What's that? Oh, yeah. This is silly. Silly.

Katniss's Mockingjay role was equally silly. One minute Katniss is insisting, "I'M THE MOCKINGJAY BITCH!" and then the next, she says that she just doesn't care about it. She doesn't care about the Mockingjay, or all the stupid TV spots they do, or anything really. And then BAM!


Katniss got on my nerves here. As did her constant use of arrows in futuristic combat. What is that? Since when was there an explosive that could fit on the head of an arrow and blow up an entire airship?

Why am I even trying to reason this?

The bow and arrows did not have a place in the world of Mockingjay. It seemed overwhelmingly stupid for Katniss to still be using arrows, a prehistoric weapon, when everyone else around her was using firearms and bombs. There's also the "sheath" business, which is just ridiculous. It literally takes 0.40 seconds to Google "bow and arrows" and find that arrows are held in a quiver. See? Simple!

The writing in this book irritated me. The first hundred pages are almost comically boring, and the prose suffers under nonsensical fragments, run-on sentences and huge internal monologues in the middle of conversations. It's just damn hard to read.

Mockingjay was such a flop for me. While the idea of exploring PTSD in war veterans was very interesting, it was employed in such a way that it brought the narrative in this book to a painful grind. There was absolutely no hope left within Katniss, and her complete derailment just destroyed any hope left in the message of this book. The writing was irritating, the deaths pointless, the violence totally over-the-top.

Mockingjay was a great big depressing flop.

Bonus Time!

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02/21/2012 page 4
1.0% "Won't somebody save Peeta? Please? Anybody? Just save Peeta!" 2 comments
02/22/2012 page 154
39.0% "Ugh. Stop with all the TV spots. This doesn't even feel like THG any more. I'm reading on for Finnick and Annie, and of course Peeta. Oh, Peeta." 4 comments
02/23/2012 page 164
42.0% "This book is so gratuitous, I don't know where to start. Granted, I care less right now, because I just completed Assassin's Creed: Revelations and it was like THE BEST THING EVAR OMG I MIGHT PEE MYSELF so...Katniss, you're going to have to wait. I'm still coming down from dat high."
02/24/2012 page 241
62.0% "This book is a bit of a joke, really. It's just gratuitous death and the thing with Peeta is ridiculous. It's like Suzanne had a list of characters and just crossed out their names to kill them, because Katniss is SO apathetic about it all, I can't believe it."
02/24/2012 page 242
62.0% "And then on the other hand, she gets so worked up about the most random shit, it's ridiculous. Like, five pages were dedicated to Katniss lying in hospital with bruised ribs. I know it's fascinating hearing all about morphINE drips, but I suppose I expected a little something more from the finale of the infamous Hunger Games." 4 comments
02/26/2012 page 298
76.0% "Fuck this book. I hate the shit out of it. It's like Collins just threw up her hands and said, "Oh, fuck it! I can't be bothered anymore!" and threw down any old crap to fill the pages. I am SO ANGRY, godDAMMIT. I have read 1000+ pages for this...this shadow of Katniss and everyone dying disgusting, candy-gore deaths that mean shit-all to the message this is trying to shove down our throats. ARGH!" 5 comments
02/27/2012 page 331
85.0% "Ugh. UGH. I really just want this shit to be over. That last scene? Eclipse. So it's come to this: cheesy video game combat, Katniss' mopey internal monologue, and two boys who are just fine and dandy with being toyed with. They just accept that it's Katniss's right to choose one of them like one may choose a dog at a shelter, then discard the other. They have absolutely no self respect whatsoever." 1 comment
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

the ending of ACR is pretty confusing, but i freaking love Altair and Ezio's ending <3 i could care less about the hunger games...

message 2: by Kiki (last edited Feb 24, 2012 05:26PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kiki Me too, Sarah! I was especially glad we had some closure with both Altair and Ezio (I also adore Sofia). Yeah, the ending was a little confusing, but after I mulled over it for a while, it sort of slotted into place.

But...yeah. One hand = AC. Other hand = this snoozy book. I'll take the former any day.

message 3: by Em (new) - rated it 2 stars

Em I loved the first two books, but this book was SO HARD for me to get through. I feel your pain.

Spider the Doof Warrior I kind of do not agree but prehaps I should read the series again. I feel that Katniss was so worn out from what she went through, she couldn't really help not caring anymore. ALSO I HATE HER MOTHER!

Ignya I personally just went through this book in a brain-dead stupor of "WTF-Just-Happened-Syndrome".
But Finnick! Poor Finnick! They made his death so uneventful and trivial, it was horrid! He only got a paragraph of conflict and then, POOF! He was gone!

Megan Finally someone I agree with about this book! I didn't like it at all. Like you said it was boring and just stupid at parts. But I for one didn't like the ending ha. I hated Peeta such a wimp (and now all the Peeta fangirls are going to hurt me oh well) and I don't know just didn't like his character but then again wasn't a big fan of Gale either. I think the part that really pissed me off in the books was when they were like "Let's make another Hunger Game! Yay!" and Katniss is like "Brilliant idea!" Wait what? The whole point was to stop those games and blah blah blah and you just ruined it... that was when the book took a complete nose dive, crashed, and exploded. Alright I'm done with my rant haha great review!

Ginny I agree with Megan. I thought the book was tolerable until they all agreed to have another Hunger Games. Um, doesn't that, you know, go against everything in the previous books??

I also thought the writing got increasingly rushed after they decide to have a final Games. It's as if Collins gave up and decided to take a shit on the remaining pages of the book...

message 8: by Becky (new)

Becky I definitely thought this was the weakest book of the series, and I was disappointed when Collins (after the fact) said the series is supposed to "explore war's effects on children" or something like that. The books had SO MUCH potential to go places beyond "war is bad". Everything just kind of crashed and burned in this one, including Katniss.

And don't even get me started on the ridiculous amount of time wasted on that godforsaken love triangle, only to have Katniss just throw up her hands in the air at the end and be all, "hey, whatever, I guess I'm with Peeta". And Peeta was apparently too screwed up to even care that Katniss was basically treating him and Gale both like dirt. Just...ugh.

Megan wrote: "I think the part that really pissed me off in the books was when they were like "Let's make another Hunger Game! Yay!" and Katniss is like "Brilliant idea!" Wait what?

Yeah, I felt like Katniss learned absolutely nothing by the end of the book. And I was confused by the fact that the ending mentions kids, when Katniss specifically said in the beginning that she didn't want kids. Did she get amnesia or something?

message 9: by Poison (last edited Mar 01, 2012 02:02PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Poison Sorry to butt in but I wanted to say this: to me, Katniss agreeing with doing The Hunger Games again is a ploy to get closer to President Coin. I think that's the moment she decides who she's going to kill. That's what I understood when she says something like 'If Haymitch understands me like I think he does'... Anyways, that's my take on it.

Teresa Agreed with everything in your review !!

Laurel Those closure fails nearly killed me. Excellent excellent review, Kira.

message 12: by Experiment BL626 (new)

Experiment BL626 Thank you very much for the review, Kira. I have a question if you don't mind answering. Was the disappointment with the third book bad enough to make the series bad? Would you still recommend the series?

Ashley D-- I tell people to stop at the first one. Once you read the second book, you have to continue. But it's like Suzanne Collins got caught up in all the teen-girl-generated hype on the internet and started thinking she was writing a romance. I was so sad, because Katniss is so anti-romance in the first two books and I loved them for that.

message 14: by Kiki (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kiki Experiment BL626 wrote: "Thank you very much for the review, Kira. I have a question if you don't mind answering. Was the disappointment with the third book bad enough to make the series bad? Would you still recommend the ..."

I'd say if the first book's premise interests you, go ahead and read the books. I don't really recommend this series - not because it's bad, but just because I don't have any strong loving feelings toward it. But I'd say go for it if you're interested. The first book is good, and the second is outstanding. Just brace yourself for the last one.

message 15: by Sherri (last edited Mar 27, 2012 07:42AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Sherri Keller I agree with everything you wrote, Kira. This is easily the worst book of the three. I wish Suzanne Collins would call a mulligan on this one and try rewriting it. Because right now, Ashley has the right approach: stop reading after the first book, because once you read the second one, you HAVE TO read the third.

There were a few times that I thought, "OK, this is the point where the book is going to be not boring anymore!", but I was let down every time. I was especially disappointed with what happened after (view spoiler)

W. T. F.

I really can't get over how bad the end to this book was. I just finished reading it last night, and I gave it three stars. Now I realize that's at least one star too many.

Sherri Keller Aw, FRIG. How do I mark parts of my comment as spoilers? I thought the square brackets would do it.

Also, apologies for the typos. I am way too undercaffeinated to be trying to form coherent thoughts.

Sherri Keller Excellent. Thank you, Skyla!

message 18: by Lori (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lori Best first paragraph of a book review EVER!! thanks!

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ Yuuup, you pretty much summed up everything I disliked about this book. Urgh. I also really, really wanted Katniss to end up alone. It just felt like it would have been right. The whole series, I felt like Collins was portraying Katniss as some strong, independent young woman ... but in the end she seemed to kind of give up and then just marry Peeta because he was the only one left. What. If Collins had wanted the series to be as original as it pretends to be, Katniss would have ended up by herself, in my humble opinion.

message 20: by ♔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Veronica Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♔ (last edited Apr 04, 2012 09:42AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

♔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Veronica Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♔ Katniss never seem to express any kind of feelings that would have led the reader to believe she ever wanted to end up married to anyone. At most I thought she felt pity for Peeta and loved Gale like a brother. The fact that she got married (out of character) and had children (also out of character) totally went against the personality the author had portrayed throughout the entire series.

Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Veronica wrote: "Katniss never seem to express any kind of feelings that would have led the reader to believe she ever wanted to end up married to anyone. At most I thought she felt pity for Peeta and loved Gayle ..."

Yes, this. This is exactly how I felt about it.

♔Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Veronica Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♔ Oh and now that I actually read the review...yes. I agree with EVERYTHING. Fuck you collins, I need closure.

message 23: by Becky (new)

Becky Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Veronica wrote: "The fact that she got married (out of character) and had children (also out of character) totally went against the personality the author had portrayed throughout the entire series."

Absolutely! Even if the books were written with the intention of seeing how war affects people, the ending just felt kind of awful. Katniss seemed beaten down and numb from all the horror and death she experienced, to the point where she just fell into what was easiest.

April*procrastinator and proud* I agree, this was the flop of the trilogy. I think Finnick's death should've been different, Katniss shouldn't have completely given up after Prim's death, more character development, it felt like Collins got tired with the series and just wanted to end it. She should have put more pretense to her marriage, how she felt about Peeta (I did like him recognizing how badly she treated him and Gale when he was all trackerjackered up) I just wish he kept some of that fire. I also didn't like how Collins was just like 'oh yeah, Cinna died.'

Ashley D-- I kind of disagree about the marriage bit. While I was incredibly disappointed with the way Peeta and Gale were presented as Katniss's only options, if you think about everything they went through together, Katniss and Peeta would probably end up being really co-dependent and would get married. The children thing was frustrating because I wanted something more original, but it was important symbolically because it suggested that the entire nation could heal and move on. Children always represent the future, and in a series based on the idea of a society that sacrificies the children/future of each district, it's important to show hope for a new beginning.

April*procrastinator and proud* Ashley wrote: "I kind of disagree about the marriage bit. While I was incredibly disappointed with the way Peeta and Gale were presented as Katniss's only options, if you think about everything they went through ..."

Yes, along with the children thing. They would represent the change. How Katniss really is okay with having children now that everything is better and she has moved on. Actually I think that's what you were saying xD

message 27: by Kyra (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kyra YES YES YES. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I agree with almost every point. I just found it absolutely ridiculous the number of people who died for absolutely NO reason (aka didn't further their cause), and at times I wasn't even sure who had died and who hadn't, until 20 pages later when Collins decided to throw in a "Ps. That guy's dead."

It felt rushed to say the least. And oh. my. dear. lord. Give your readers some credit. We don't need to be bashed one the head with your OMGSOAMAZING symbolism. I got it the first time. Stop explaining it to me.

message 28: by Tara (new) - rated it 2 stars

Tara this review is hysterical. im glad i stumbled upon it. it cheered me up after being so disappointed with the complete destruction of every character that i'd come to love. I agree with everything you said. thanks for the laughs.

message 29: by Alexa (new) - rated it 1 star

Alexa Awesome review, this is exactly how I felt about the book. I got into a discussion with a friend about it, and she liked it because she related to Katniss' feelings of powerlessness. And talking about it that way made me realize that I get what this book was trying to do and what it was trying to say, but honestly, it did it horribly and there are much better books out there with the same themes.

Since when was there an explosive that could fit on the head of an arrow and blow up an entire airship?

*cough* Seen Avengers yet?


message 31: by Kiki (new) - rated it 2 stars


Candace, your name is like my favorite name ever. No shit. I LOVE your name.

message 32: by blue (new) - rated it 3 stars

blue I AGREE WITH THIS SO MUCH. THIS IS PERFECT. These are almost my exact thoughts.

StasH You read my mind! Great review!

message 34: by Lexi (new)

Lexi I agree with this. I agree with all of it.

Personally, I loved its predecessors, but Mockingjay was an enormous let-down. I'm still surprised I didn't quit halfway through with how irritated I was getting at Katniss' behavior.

Fantastic review.

message 35: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Adame I agree with your review I found this book highly disappointing and very disturbing.

Samuel García I agree with your review, especially from a YA point of view. If Collins wanted to write this kind of book, she shouldn't have masqueraded it as YA. The entire series should have been more adult driven. But Katniss' behavior is to be expected. She has been thru some truly horrifying, depressing, traumatic shit throughout the series. She should have broken down way before she did. She's just a teenage girl that was brutally thrown in (first, by desperate choice, then as retaliation) into bloodbaths. She isn't a master strategist. She isn't cunning. She isn't a soldier. She was used (by Coin) and abused (by Snow), and there was nothing she could do about it. It is too much to expect her to behave rationally under that scenario.

Victoria If you hated the book so much you should have just stopped. The beauty of books is they are so open for interpretation; I see this book in a totally different manner, the emotional trauma, the metaphors used to depict normal human turmoil and the whole setup of Panem and how it can mimic our own governments (obviously not literally with the Games and stuff). If Collins intentionally killed off lovable characters like Finnick to get the reader upset, it sounds like the goal was achieved. Your clearly upset over the entire book, and potentially the series by the sounds of it. I didn't much care for the ending myself, but after that much emotional trauma, who wouldn't want a happy ending?

message 38: by Kiki (last edited Oct 16, 2012 10:50PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kiki If you hated the book so much you should have just stopped.

The point you made could have been interesting, but you said this. That statement above is the biggest load of bullshit anyone on GR can ever say to me. I'd rather you just told me I was a crazy heathen bitch than say, "If you didn't like it, why did you read it?"

It's just ignorant, anti-intellectual, sour grapes garbage. I just can't stand it. "You should have just stopped". No. No, I should not have. Because if I had, you'd complain about me writing a review when I hadn't read the whole book.

I just hate that statement so fucking much. It infuriates me. Please, see what's wrong with it and stop saying it.

spaceboy The only thing i have against this review, Kira, is talk of arrows. JUST BECAUSE FUCKING HAWKEYE OWNED A WHOLE AIRSHIP IN AVENGERS WITH HIS FUCK YEAAAAAAHHHHH.
But Katniss should have upgraded weapons in Mockingjay,I agree wholeheartedly. (and thank you Katniss, for spurring on hundreds of characters who use a bow and arrow now...)

message 40: by Loveliest (new)

Loveliest Evaris Mauve shirts... is that a TV Trope reference? :D Yep, I will NEVER read this series, why would I if I knew the third one would SUCK?

Therealbadkitty Why is this marked as zombies? I noticed you marked New Moon as zombies too but if you're referring to how people act like zombies i find it really funny haha

message 42: by Dave (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dave Williams I couldn't agree more. Thank you for helping me to realize I am not alone!

Julieanne Perfect, thank you.

Angelofthefallen Something about KIRA complaining about violence and death amuses me xDDD But epic review nonetheless!

Frances Esquivel I absolutely loved the first 2 books but this one was so hard for me to finish. It just didn't work out that well for me like the first 2 books. I still like this book though and the last few pages were great but the deaths of some characters were so pointless, I can't even. like i just can't. I almost cried when I read that Finnick died. I'm not even joking and then Prim. Who even does that??!?!? well yeah just wanted to share that with ya

Amanda Nichols I'm destroyed now. I read this book in about 3 days and ate it up, I loved it. But reading the review and all the valid points you made, I'm starting to remember all the 'little' things that set me off by this book. I still loved this series and maybe its just my under- developed brain that made Mockingjay an easy read for me. I probably cried through half the book. I saw the desperate breakdown and of a teenager, which is what Katniss was. I guess I didn;t care that she was fickle and moody and sometimes unsure of who she should be and what kind of person she wanted to be with. on that note, I hated the last ten pages. It was the worst part of this series for me. This intense and confusing relationship just gets wrapped up in a pretty little bow with children (who are each a gorgeous, perfect pairing of their parents) and mommy and daddy tell stories of how they brought down a society? I really wanted more from the last look at Katniss and Peeta.

Susie Your opinion is exactly what I feel. Exactly. It actually scares me how much I agree with every single word you said. Especially the part about how many gratuitous deaths there were in the story. The only one I'm really mad about was Finnick's. The author wrote like as if though it wasn't important enough to be epic and important. What the hell.

And the Mockinjay Katniss. She was a completely different character than Catching Fire, and it made my mind explode on several occasions.

Anyway, you've got the right idea, my friend, and your opinion is spot-on.

Siphesihle Kira your points are very good and I absolutely agree but I guess I just love HG that I can't give it less then 4stars....

message 49: by Kiki (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kiki Siphesihle wrote: "Kira your points are very good and I absolutely agree but I guess I just love HG that I can't give it less then 4stars...."

Hey, hey! That's cool. It's perfectly fine to see the faults in something but still have such a warm place for it in your heart that you can't stop loving it. Some books just have so much sentimental value to us and that's honestly the best feeling.

message 50: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Woodruff I would agree with SOME of what you're saying. I thought that the book had a lot of loose ends. The Gale and Katniss relationship totally sank, I honestly really didn't like her being with Peeta, he's kind of a dweeb, and he certainly is not as strong as Gale. I believe that Katniss and Peeta are a structurally better couple because Katniss is the fire and Peeta is levelheaded, so I think that they will be okay. I feel like throughout the whole book, or at least the parts when she realizes her powerful role, but she is also powerless. This quotes sums it up. "
Quote #2
It isn't enough, what I've done in the past, defying the Capitol in the Games, providing a rallying point. I must now become the actual leader, the face, the voice, the embodiment of the revolution. The person who the districts—most of which are now openly at war with the Capitol – can count on to blaze the path to victory."(Katniss) This shows that her persona is powerful, but she physically is not very powerful. She is a puppet of the president, and her prep team. Although she is powerless at first she begins to realize her growing power in this quote,"A new sensation begins to germinate inside me. But it takes until I am standing on a table, waving my final good-byes to the hoarse chanting of my name, to define it. Power. I have a kind of power I never knew I possessed. Snow knew it, as soon as I held out those berries. Plutarch knew when he rescued me from the arena. And Coin knows now. So much so that she must publicly remind her people that I am not in control (Katniss)." This is when she started to realize that her power is palpable, but like most times with Katniss, everyone else knows more about her than she does about herself. She didn't know her own strength. I do not really understand your irateness. It was a decent book to a great end to a series. Granted there were some loopholes in the plot, but it was still a good read

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