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A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan
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Feb 21, 2012

it was amazing

The worst thing anyone can do is try to pretend that a problem doesn't exist; ignoring them only makes matters worse. Michael Vallant and Lord George Albert Westin in 'A Private Gentleman' by Heidi Cullinan have past obstacles which are wreaking havoc in the present; their issues are so entwined that trying to resolve them seems like their downfall and their salvation at the same time. How they are able to deal with them will determine their future happiness.

Michael and Wes are fabulously complex characters, both of whom have chosen crutches to run away from their fears. Michael, raped as a child, becomes a whore with the illusion that he's put the trauma behind him and is now in control of his life. Wes who tries to deal with his stuttering and sense of disappointment, loses himself in an opium induced euphoria. But through heart wrenching, soul searching effort, they both show immense character growth. Their relationship, just like the orchids that Wes adores, is fragile and struggles to survive, but once it blooms, it's amazingly strong and beautiful.

Besides the main characters, Michael and Wes, the story contains other marvelously complex personalities, who stimulate the imagination and add a great deal of color to the plot. There are two in particular who stand out: Penelope Brannigan, an American ex-stammerer, and crusader against addiction and abuse, takes Wes under her wing and helps him recover. The other is Roger, Michael's best friend, pimp and protector, who, even with their peculiar association, shows unwavering loyalty and concern for Michael.

'A Private Gentleman' is a gritty, exquisitely crafted story with an amazingly complex plot. Deliciously flawed characters of dubious credibility become endeared to us as if they were saints. If you love historical romance which is heartbreaking, realistic and full of suspense, while being passionate, loving, and ends happily, you will like this story.

NOTE: This book was provided by the publisher for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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