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Werewolf in Seattle by Vicki Lewis Thompson
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Feb 21, 2012

really liked it
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Read in March, 2012

3.5 stars

Colin MacDowell, alpha of a powerful Scotland clan, loved his aunt Geraldine but isn't happy she left him her mansion and island off the coast of Washington in her will. Arriving at the island brings back fond memories from his youth and after meeting his aunt's beautiful assistant Luna, Colin starts to think inheriting the island isn't so bad after all. After years of being alone, half were-half human Luna Reynaud finally found a home with Geraldine. Not wanting to leave her safe haven, Luna comes up with a profitable ideal of making it a exclusive shifter retreat. As she works to convince him her ideal is worth a shot, Luna finds herself becoming more and more attracted to the irresistible Colin but his belief that only pure blooded weres should mate may keep them apart.

Though Colin and Luna are nothing that I haven't already come across in this genre, I still thought they made a cute couple. Luna is an attractive, intelligent woman who lost her parents at a young age and didn't find out what she was until she hit puberty. She'd prefer to get by in life without anyone noticing her. Colin is handsome and smart and from a influential shifter pack. He's against human/were matings because of the threat of exposure. From the moment Colin arrives, a relationship starts to form but is threatened when Colin reveals his feelings on matings. Seemingly okay with the understanding there could never be anything serious between them, Colin helps Luna explore all the sexual wonders that comes with being a werewolf and it's not long before they become more emotionally involved than they wanted to be. Their relationship was predictable but I enjoyed watching them come out of their comfort zones to create a hot yet sweet relationship.

From a pair of sassy housekeepers to a sweetheart of a pilot, this book has a great supporting cast that was there to help Luna and provide some laughs. My favorite supporting characters are ones we never actually meet. Geraldine and Henry didn't care that their packs didn't approve of their mating. They created their own life and memories on their island and Henry even built a mansion for Geraldine. Their story is very romantic and I loved when others would tell stories about Geraldine because they told of a woman who did things her way and never apologized for it. If the author ever decides to write a novella for these two, I'd definitely buy it.

Werewolf in Seattle is mainly about Colin and Luna overcoming obstacles, which mostly included themselves, to be with one another. There is a side story that starts developing in the second half of the book that brings in a relative that Luna wasn't aware she had and the serious problems he could create for her. I liked that this was included because it added a bit of suspense and dove a bit more into the lives of Luna's parents. Werewolf in Seattle had a cute, albeit predictable, romance with a hero and heroine you can't help but cheer for. This can be read as a standalone book or you can go back and enjoy this series from the beginning.
- Stephanie

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