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Dicey's Song by Cynthia Voigt
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Feb 20, 2012

really liked it


1. Write a summary---where, what, why, who, when
Dicey's Song is the second book from the Tillerman Series. That means that it is not the very start of the whole story. This book starts when Dicey and her three siblings arrive at Gram's house. Gram is their mother's mother, their maternal grandmother. Dicey, Maybeth, James, and Sammy are all distinct and unique children. They don't have a father but used to have a mother. Their mother is now in a mental hospital because of her mental illness. She could no longer take care of her children so Dicey had to lead her siblings to another safe place. That ended up being Gram's house. From there, the story is mainly about Dicey's daily life in that new place, and about her conflicts which are mostly internal. Gram, seeing that Dicey has faced problems, alludes Dicey's conflicts with her own similar experiences in the past and gives Dicey advices. Those advices help Dicey immensely to confront her conflicts. To the end, Gram receives a call from Boston saying that Dicey's mom has not much days left. Gram takes Dicey with her and the two immediately leave to Boston. There, Dicey learns a significant lesson: to let go if you can no longer hold on to somebody. The story ends when Gram and Dicey come back home, go back to their normal schedules with perhaps with a bit more of happiness.

2. Discuss the main conflict and whether or not it gets resolved.
The main conflict would be Dicey's conflict with herself. It reaches the climax when she goes to Boston with her grandmother to visit her dying mother. Dicey is angry at everything for letting her mother go through so much when she was such a nice and hardworking person. Dicey also refuses to let of her mother even after she dies. Gram helps Dicey through that and teaches her that letting go is what you should do when you no longer can hold on to someone. Dicey realizes that Gram would be as sad and depressed as herself for she had just lost her daughter. This conflict gets pretty much resolved after Dicey talks with Gram right after her mother passes away.

3. Did you like it? Why/why no.
I really liked this book. In fact, it was one of the best books I've ever read. That would mainly be because I really got to understand and empathize on Dicey's feelings and problems. I also liked the lessons and morals that were taught by Gram. Gram's three advices: holding on, reaching out, and letting go are all advices that we should consider while living especially because we are always facing problems with people around us. This book made me think and learn a lot about life. I hope others also get to read this book!

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