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Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long
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Feb 20, 2012

it was amazing

The author of this book, Jeffrey Long, is a doctor. He's seen quite a few people survive what we know as clinical death and come back with tales of what they experienced when they were, in fact, incapable of experiencing anything.

The author took a methodical approach to investigating the commonalities of the Near Death Experiences he documents. The book doesn't try to explain the experiences by pigeonholing them into any particular belief system (and if it had, I'd have stopped reading).

Bascially, what the book does is distill numerous NDEs down to their common elements. There is the journey, which is often characterized as the tunnel or the light, the meeting with deceased relatives or 'spirit beings,' and in the case of the NDE experiencers the decision to return to the world of the living.

Along the way, though, you'll be presented with some fascinating stories and thought-provoking insights into the phenomena by a person in a unique position to gather so many cases together. I recommend this book to anyone interested in a straightforward clinical exploration of the NDE experience.


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