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Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James
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Feb 20, 2012

it was amazing
Read from April 30 to May 01, 2012

General Review of the series. No spoilers. Many Gifs.

There's all this hate for the Fifty Shades of Grey series, people that like them, people that thought they were ridiculous and there's just too much controversy, so I had my doubts on actually making a review, especially considering I didn't though they were that bad... yes, I'm one of those that actually liked them, don't mock me. I'll just let you know my honest thoughts on the whole series and since the book is not for YA and every review I've read has a curse word in them, I've decided to use swear words for this:

I did not like the first book. Not really. I thought Christian was such an ass, and yes, he was fifty shades of fucked up and Anna was all 'aww poor you, now please come into my bed'

I mean, seriously? Bullshit! like, No. Just No. No way in hell do you go considering his proposition. No.

But at the same time I wanted her to go after him and for her to yell 'YES! I shall be your sex slave! now take me!' which were honestly contradictory emotions, and I think this was the charm of the book. Half of the time I was hating him and the other half wanting to see him with Anna. In general the first book was just so... addictive REALLY addictive, no matter how many times I rolled my eyes, I was still reading it.

[What I wanted to do to Christian]

and then the ending! Wow, I Looooved it! I was like YAY ANNA! Woman power right there! Yuppy! Even though it was a total cliffhanger I enjoyed it. It was time she stood up for herself.

and naturally, I went and bought the second book. Now, the second books was Fifty Shades of Fucking AWESOME! There was absolutely no dull moment!

Spoiler here [It's the only one] Do NOT read this if you haven't read the second book. I'm serious. Skip this paragraph. Bye bye. (view spoiler)

The second book was such a roller coaster ride, I highly suggest you give it a chance, there's so much going on that it's just hard to grasp. Oh and don't worry, there's still lots of crazy sex in this one too. Fun.

and last, the third book. I think it was equally as great as the second book. I really enjoyed it a lot. Many people were complaining that it was exactly like Twilight. I read that book when I was 15. I don't remember at all what Bella thought of Edward. Sure, once I think a lot about it they do have some similarities, but last time I checked Christian didn't sparkle and wasn't cold... no, wait, he is ice cold on the inside and in Anna's eyes, he fucking sparkles. Seriously, he does.

 Now, the Sex Scenes. I though some of them were ridiculous! I would be reading it and then I would break into a fit of giggles at how ridiculous some things seemed! I was laughing so much at some of them! [I haven't read of anyone else having reactions like this one.... maybe I'm just plain weird]

and also there were the other sex scenes... yeah, you've heard about that one particular scene... well, let me tell you, there were others like that one - not quite as scandalous though, still, I'd have a very shocked face for them.

I have absolutely nothing against kinky fuckery, but the tampon scene? really? Just.... Oh God No. Crossing the line dude, you just crossed the line.

And there were other sex scenes that were better and had good 'Oh Yeah' moments

They weren't emotionally deep books, but they were good, I mean, it really doesn't take much to describe the whole story:

Christian: "Anna. Bed. Now."
[and swoosh the clothes are off]

*Dirty looks from Christian*

*Lovestruck looks from Anna*

*and then, you know, he blows her mind away...*

*and then even though Anna had the most amazing time of her life she can tell no one*

You know what I'm really curious about? The Movie, I mean, how the hell do they make this book a movie without calling it porn? Seriously, there's no way they can actually do the scenes in this book without turning the movie into XXX.

lol, I can already imagine everyone in the theater.

Ohhh and watch this clip from the Ellen Show!!!
It's super funny and it shows what I meant with the hysterical giggling part!

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Jennifer YAY! Your all done! I gave this one 5-stars as well! I love the ending prologue and all the extras in Christian's POV!

Caedy  Eries I need to read this one.

Jude Jennifer wrote: "YAY! Your all done! I gave this one 5-stars as well! I love the ending prologue and all the extras in Christian's POV!"

I know!! But now I'm just so sad :( I've been reading this books for almost 2 weeks! what will I do without them! x)

Jude Martha wrote: "I need to read this one."

Yes you do! They're just so... so.... addictive. o.o

Caedy  Eries LOL I've already read the first 2, but have some Read & Reviews that I need to get done, so focusing on a couple of those before I dive into book 3.

Though book 3 might get started today now that I think about it :)

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