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Butter by Erin Jade Lange
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Feb 20, 2012

really liked it
Read on December 27, 2012

When lonely outcast 16-year old Butter decides to post a website proclaiming a countdown to his New Years Eve event: "Butter's Last Meal" where he plans to eat himself to death live, he finds that his popularity explodes. Suddenly, the 432-pound Butter finds himself inside of the cool crowd, buds with the jocks, invited to all the parties, and - for the first time - Butter finds he has friends, and the girl of his dreams doesn't seem so unattainable.

But as time goes on the the clock counts down to his Last Meal, Butter realizes that maybe his "friends" aren't real friends at all, and that he might just be in over his head.

Wow, this book turned out to be a total shocker.

If you were thinking that a book about a kid eating himself to death and live-streaming it would be stupid, you were right; good catch. Probably one you can judge by the description.

But Butter (the book, not the kid) surprised me. It's a deceptively insightful book into the mindset of the obese, and what comes with it - the looks, the stares, the fight to lose weight, the retreat into food for comfort, their enablers - all of it.

It's also an interesting look into the demon-spawn hell-child that is High School, especially what it means for someone like Butter. The maliciousness of stupid teenagers knows no depth.

Anyway, very worth a read.

Rating: 4.7
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12.0% "WHAT? This kid weighs in at a whopping 423 points! He's 16. That's insane. It's like he was fostered by Keebler Elves.

And the worst thing is that his parents want him to lose weight, but they're his biggest contributors."

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