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Wicca by Scott Cunningham
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Feb 20, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: religion
Read from February 20 to 21, 2012

First of all, I need to say that I’m not Wiccan. I stumbled across this and scrolled through it ( pdf version) for shits and giggles really. It so fluffy, it reads like a young teenage girl’s bedtime story.

For example: He performs this spell over a drawn version of his phone bill and states, “Within a day or 2, perhaps a week, Ill either receive unexpected or delayed money, or will satisfy other financial obligations in a manner that frees me to pay the bill”. Eh, wouldn’t that have happened anyway regardless of whatever “spell” he had cast? Either that or not pay the bill! He uses clever language to try and make it seem like he did something that made a difference.

I’ll try it the next time my credit card bill comes in!!

It seems to me that it’s just taking bits that you like from other faiths (Pagan rituals, ancient Egyptians rituals, Greek mythology and even a bit of yoga!) and mashing them together to form an anything goes, do whatever you want sort of thing.

The rest of the book is spent pointing out its differences to Christianity.

I’m in the mood to watch Hocus Pocus now :D

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message 1: by Em (new) - rated it 4 stars

Em It sounds like you don't like Wicca in general. I mean, if you do not believe in magick, any book you read thats about Wicca will seem ridiculous to you. And yes, you can be Wiccan and work with different pantheons.. Wicca in itself is eclectic, even if it is traditional Wicca. I do agree that it is a bit fluffy, but I reserve "teenage girl" fluffy for Silver Ravenwolf.

Amanda - Go Book Yourself Read the first line of the review ಠ_ಠ

Selin Hey, i dont really feel like actually spending money on this book but if i could have a glimpse it would be great. So just wondering where u got the PDF?

Amanda - Go Book Yourself I cant really remember. Could have been pirate bay.

Karine Gordineer "Fluffy"is a matter of perspective. If you're only capable of gleaning the surface meaning then I imagine you would find most things in life as "fluffy". If you're looking for ceremonial ritual magic then try The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Cunningham did a good job on a book that is introductory in nature and written over 20 years recently as 20 years ago wicca was not so mainstream as it us now. And as far as the other person who commented on Ravenwolf being fluffy I wonder if she's read more than a couple of her simple books relating to money and whatnot. Still a big part of the beauty of Wicca is in its simplicity and accessibility. If you' re ego requires you to stand out so try ritual ceremonial magic...that should keep you busy for a while.

Amanda - Go Book Yourself I'm not really looking for anything. I read this for shits and giggles to be honest.

message 7: by Tânia (new)

Tânia Antunes One question: will you read the Bible or the Quran just for shit and giggle? I think not.
I'm not comparing them because in Wicca we don't have just ONE book but I think it's not polite to make fun of other people's beliefs and rate badly a book that is a mark for wiccans all over the world when you don't know or are interested in the subject.

Amanda - Go Book Yourself Tânia wrote: "One question: will you read the Bible or the Quran just for shit and giggle? I think not.
I'm not comparing them because in Wicca we don't have just ONE book but I think it's not polite to make fun..."

I am entitled to my opinion just like you are. If you are offended so easily perhaps you shouldn't read one star reviews on book about Wicca ...

message 9: by Tânia (new)

Tânia Antunes I'm not offended at all, I'm not that sensitive! I was just trying to help you understand something that you bothered to review, and helping someone who wants to know more about Wicca, and reads your review, that for them this may be a good book! Thanks for replying

message 10: by Evelyn (new) - added it

Evelyn Why even bother to review this book if you don't understand or care about Wicca?

message 12: by Whitney (new) - added it

Whitney What a waste of time to read something you don't like and then review it (with extreme bias, of course)---all for attention. What a sad waste of energy that could have been put into something you actually enjoy. Yes, you could say the same thing about my comment. But I, unlike you, wasn't trolling a book and religion I didn't care for. I wasted my time reading your review, though.

Amanda - Go Book Yourself Oh get down off your high horse. How am I to know If unlike something without reading it first. I read a book and reviewed it. That is not trolling. If you are that easily offended then perhaps you need to take a step back and re evaluate why you feel that way. Maybe because this particular book is utter tripe! It says more about you than it does about me.

message 14: by Rod (new)

Rod Well done Amanda. So funny and to the point.

message 15: by Rod (new)

Rod You may get some curses thrown at you - from Nature of course: like Grass stains. :cD

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