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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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Feb 20, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** First thought: Where's the third one and why is it not out yet? *sigh* I am a very impatient person and I want it now! (I feel like Veruca Salt) I am bordering between 4 and 5 stars, so we'll go with a 4.5 but it's not an option. I just finished it like not even 10 minutes ago, so we'll see.

I loved that Lena isn't the strongest person in the world; she also isn't the weakest. But she's a fighter. She fights to stay alive, to live, for her, for Alex. After she thinks he's dead, after she's lost it all, she still wants to fight back. She finds comfort and family with Raven and the others. Even though Raven doesn't fully disclose all the plans and throws Lena to the wolves with Julian, they are still together, still on the same side. I felt that Lena took forever to realize that the umbrella Tack gave her was more than an umbrella... how many days did it take her to figure that out? But it did sort of fit her character... she's just learning to read into things. Being on the outside looking in gives us, as readers, some advantage over her.

Alex. Not since "There is no district 12" (Catching Fire, last line) has the last line of a book left me hanging so tensely and dying to know what happens next. I truly did not believe Alex was dead and I figured she would eventually run across him - either he had been 'cured' for real and was now fighting for the other side, or something similar to what really happened. So that came as no shock to me. However, I feel so bad for Lena now that she has not only the resistance to contend with but with Alex and Julian as well. What did they do to him while he was locked in the Crypts? Does he hate her? Does he blame her? What will come of it all?

I have so much swirling through my head right now.

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Lauren Oliver
“Promise me we'll stay together, okay?" His eyes are once again the clear blue of a perfectly transparent pool. They are eyes to swim in, to float in, forever. "You and me."

"I promise," I say.

Behind us the door creaks open, and I turn around, expecting Raven, just as a voice cuts through the air: "Don't believe her."

The whole world closes around me, like an eyelid: For a moment, everything goes dark.

I am falling. My ears are full of rushing; I have been sucked into a tunnel, a place of pleasure and chaos. My head is about to explode.

He looks different. He is much thinner, and a scar runs from his eyebrow all the way down to his jaw. On his neck, just behind his left ear, a small tattooed number curves around the three-pronged scar that fooled me, for so long, into believing he was cured. His eyes-once a sweet, melted brown, like syrup-have hardened. Now they are stony, impenetrable.

Only his hair is the same: that auburn crown, like leaves in autumn.

Impossible. I close my eyes and reopen them: the boy from a dream, from a different lifetime. A boy brought back from the dead.

Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

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Malissa Me too! I knew it was coming, but was still edge of my seat. And it just works so well with this plot line of love is a disease. Can't wait for book 3 ...

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