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Touch by Jus Accardo
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Feb 19, 2012

liked it
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** spoiler alert ** Probably closer to 2.5 than 3, but I like the overall premise enough to round up

Basic Premise: X-Men meets Jason Bourne meets YA. Late one night, teenaged Deznee (Dez)'s life is turned upside down when Kale, a runawar "Six" stumbles across her path. He's a gifted assassin and tool of Denazen group, which Dez's father runs. Dez winds up helping Kale, and in the process, they learn that she just so happens to be the only person on the planet that Kale's gift doesn't work on. Enter a new world, one full of other gifted "Sixes" who are being used and trained by the Denazen group, oftentimes against their will. Dez and Kale must fend off the Denazen group's attempts to recapture Kale. Oh, and they just so happen to have Dez's mom.

What I liked:
- Overall premise is very fun. I really, really like this kind of X-men / Jason Bourne thing. It's exciting and fresh and has lots of promise / potential.
- Dez is a pretty decent female lead. She's no damsel in distress and can hold her own. I appreciate that. She's quirky, a little bad ass, and fairly likable.
- Kale is really lovely. Despite his training and lethal powers, he's really very sweet. I like his characterization very much.
- Sex. Thank you. I'm not talking smut, okay. But so many YA books follow the unrealistic wait til marriage thing. Yes, fine, that's a nice notion, but it doesn't happen too often and it gets annoying book after book. I appreciated that this author didn't pull that. She let the characters behave like normal teenagers and did so in a non-fade-to-black way that at the same time was classy, YA appropriate, and not porny. Well done on that.

What I didn't like / what needed some work:
- Not enough setting up of the world. The book pretty much starts off at a dead run. I found myself scratching my head a little wondering how/why things were going on, only to be informed too late for it to make a difference.
- I felt Dez accepted things too easily, especially in the beginning. That was too convenient / unrealistic.
- Some of the sequences were a little too repetitive.
- Characters seemed to come and go with too little set up, oftentimes with just the "right" superpower.
- The storytelling is a little jumbled, too fast in places, and illogical in others. There are turns that make little sense / weren't set up well.
- My biggest beef is probably in the way Dez's "Six" status was revealed. This novel is 1st person. Therefore we should know what Dez knows. I was floored in a very bad way when at the midpoint of the book, Dez all of the sudden announces that since she was 7 yrs old, she's been able to mimic objects (and is thus a "Six" herself). Yeah, that didn't work AT ALL. If this had been written in 3rd, sure. But not 1st. Too unbelievable to think she'd have not picked up on that waaaay earlier in the book.
- The ending was too abrupt, and worse, because the ebook (kindle version) has all of these previews at the end that I wasn't aware of, I was staring at my little 90% complete bar going "HUH? This is the end?!"
- Writing needs an editor. Some typos, awkward dialogue, and the ebook version has some formatting issues.

Overall, good premise, good lead characters, but the execution needed a good bit of work.

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