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Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley
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Been waiting a while to get to Luke’s story and his Rock Chick as I have a little crush on him.

His Rock Chick is Ava. They grew up across the street from each other and she has been in love with him since she was 8. Ava grew up as an ugly duckling with 2 older and, at least in her mind, more beautiful sisters. Ava considers herself fat and wears thick glasses due to bad eyesight. Her sisters’ beauty only runs skin deep, however, as they cruel to Ava and makes her feel bad about herself the whole time she is growing up.

Luke has always liked Ava and, when he went home for his father’s funeral, was happy to see her and said he would call and they would hook up. He did call but Ava ignored his calls due to the fact that she’d overheard her sister’s catty remarks about how fat she looked when she was hugging Luke at the burial. Ava decides this is a life-changing moment and decides to get in shape, lose weight and get contacts which she does successfully and now she’s a swan. She has a few disastrous relationships in the years that follow including one with a guy called Noah who stole her money and her jewellery left to her by her favourite aunt. She’s now sworn off men forever and vowed fidelity to a pair of vibrators.

It’s now 8 years later and Ava decides to go to Luke in his capacity as a PI to investigate her best friend Sissy’s philandering husband who has been coming on strong to Ava and Sissy needs the dirt to divorce him. She walks into Nightingale Investigations and Luke doesn’t even recognise her she’s changed so much. He’s actually not happy with the change – she may be a knockout but he thinks she’s become hard and cold and a bit of a bitch over the years and vows to search for the Ava he once knew, believing that she’s in there, buried under the heartache. She chickens out of actually asking him for help and decides to go it alone. Her first foray into sneaky investigations ends in disaster with Luke catching her in Sissy’s house as it explodes in gunfire – a drive-by sending message to Dom

Ava gets herself into a whole heap of trouble and Luke decides she is worth the effort and wants to protect her. We have the now familiar plot of the Rock Chick thinking herself not good enough for her guy and him coming on very strong and bashing his head against a wall trying to convince her they are good together. The rest of the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch all start laying bets on when the consummation will take place – and Ava and Luke have several hilarious moments of coitus interruptus before they finally get their act together.

The real danger in the book to Ava comes out of nowhere and I was really shocked to see who it was and what he did – totally unexpected with what had gone before.

There are some pretty hilarious moments in this one with Smithie getting trapped up a tree by a pair of rottweilers and Tod planning a vibrator burial ceremony to mention just a couple and it’s great to see all the regulars getting in on the action and a hint at Mace and Stella who are up next in Rock Chick Reckoning.

I did enjoy this but not quite as much the books that came before – maybe Ava was a little bit too annoying with her constant inner monologue with Good Ava and Bad Ava and she was a bit of a bitch to Luke sometimes who I adore. Then perhaps no one was going to be good enough for him as far as I was concerned. It ends with a wedding and happy news for one of the couples from the previous books.

4 star romantic suspense.
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KatLynne Great review Becs!

Bakudis Hai Becs , Great Review..

Luke from previous book too much of a player, but from Renegade he seemed to have serious feelings for jules, do you think that's Love or just kind of like to someone?

i just dont like if ava be second best. ")..

Agree with u ava is a little bit annoying. i dont like when Ren say if he should move in not give Ava time after Dexter.

"He was right. He should have moved in. However, if he had I wouldn’t have had my chance with Luke."

its kind like she not sure her feeling to Luke. So easy for her to fall with other guy when in this book she in love with Luke for a long time.

and This :
All of a sudden, my mind was filled with having sex with Ren under a warm, balmy, tropical, starry night and they were happy thoughs.

yeaah like Ren is Hot, but AVA have one guy hot she love and it's kind weird to think like that.

sorry if i ask some weird question, :)


~ Becs ~ Hi Bakudis

In the Rock Chick series, a lot of the girls have a little dalliance with one of the other guys but I think we're supposed to believe that Ava and Luke are in love with each other and meant to be together.

I think Luke was stronngly attracted to Jules but stood aside for Vance when he realised how she felt about him and he and Jules remain close in this one too.

This is actually my least favourite Rock Chick book mostly because Ava annoyed me and I had a crush on Luke and wanted better for him.

Ren is super hot and he is going to be the hero of the last Rock Chick book to be released later this year with Ally as his girl!

Have you read the rest of the series?

Bakudis Thanks Becs,

I read, but random even Rock Chick Regret my first book from Rock Chick series.

Yeah i can't wait for Ally and Ren, and Ren did have a thing for Ava.

When read epilogue Regret, Ally and Ren like have fight hahaha..

So it's must be cool story. Hope will be chat about that again.

~ Becs ~ Yep - we'll probably all read it together when it comes out.

Sunny Becs, your review is spot on... Ally and Ren, wondering how KA is going to make that one work ...

~ Becs ~ Sunny wrote: "Becs, your review is spot on... Ally and Ren, wondering how KA is going to make that one work ..."

I don't know but I can't wait!!

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