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Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
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Feb 19, 2012

bookshelves: 2011-11, paranormal, romance

When a friend first recommended Larissa Ione’s Demonica series to me, I was more than a bit sceptical – paranormal romances about brothers running a hospital for demons sounded more than a bit silly to me. Now that I’ve read four out of the five volumes in the series, I have to say – it is just as silly as sounded, but but I don’t care one bit. Larissa Ione does not seem to care either, to the contrary it is as if she not only fully embraced the silliness of her basic premise but accepted it as a challenge – “Just look what I can make of ludicrous concept like this, and wanna bet that I can make you enjoy it and beg for more?” It helps that the author has an extraordinarly fertile imagine, I can just imagine the gleeful cackle with which she comes up with yet another bizarre demon race to add to her impressive pandemonium, or invents some fiendish plot twist to keep her star-crossed lovers apart and delay the thankfully always happy ending.[return][return]This fourth volume concerns itself with the newly-discovered fourth brother Lore and his antagonist and eventual lover Idesse. With him being an assassin demon hired to kill a human the protector angel Idesse is bound to guard, there is a lot of initial conflict, and the plot that ensues is, while not springing any great surprises, nicely convoluted in the typical Larissa Ione manner, with various subplots feeding into it which give welcome occasion to re-introduce characters from the previous books. Throw in some action and several hot sex scenes and you up with another delightful installment in a series that has been highly enjoyable so far. Maybe it is precisely because the initial leap required to suspend disbelief is so big that once it is made one can just roll along with it and take this for what it is – great fun.

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