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Lock Every Door by Riley Sager
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Initial Impressions 6/12/19: I don't knowwwww, you guys. Everyone is so ga-ga over Riley Sager's books but this was another one that just didn't pull me in. I still enjoyed it and the story was engaging but it's still missing that wow factor for me despite the huge, sweeping plot line that takes things to crazytown in the end.

I think part of the reason that I'm not hooked is that the beginning of all of Riley Sager's books so far have large introductions. There's a lot of time spent establishing the base of the story, the characters, putting in all those necessary details of why the main character is where they are, which are all things I need in a story... But I didn't feel any suspense for most of the book. With a thriller I want to have my heart racing from the beginning or at least close to it and I don't need that ALL the time since all thrillers have different paces but there's just something about the story set-up, especially in LOCK EVERY DOOR, that just didn't get me jumping at the story. For a long time, the book could almost just be a contemporary novel without a mystery or thrill (with obvious little things noted here and there that just didn't add up). I don't know... I feel like some of the characters could have been filtered out in favor of spending more time on some creepier moments in the beginning.

I also keep having the same issue with Riley Sager's books where we reach the point of crazy and then all of a sudden, I'm not interested. Like there's just too much time after the climax of the book and I don't care about the denouement. (Thanks, English class. I did retain something.) I almost feel like the book settles twice (is there an English term for that? Or I just don't know what I'm talking about, but let me explain...) where the twist happens and then it sort of loses steam instead of picking up. Jules figures out the big THING that's happening with the building and why it's so creepy and then we get a nice little twist, but then there's a little stasis for a while and the book plateaus for a bit instead of continuing to barrel towards the end. I think these mini plateaus in the ending of each book is really killing the pacing for me when I'm looking for one final big thrill to close out the book and of course, our last glimpse of the characters after the mess is over. I don't know if that makes ANY sense without revealing the twists (or does it even make sense if you've read the book...?) but that's really how I've felt about each ending and it's kind of been bothering me.

I enjoyed the story and I think it was set-up well. There was a moment when things were revealed where I didn't know if I believed the book and it felt more like fiction than a scary reality incorporated into a story, but I'm sure things like this have happened in real life, I guess? I don't know. It just didn't feel right. I think I enjoyed this book more than FINAL GIRLS or THE LAST TIME I LIED though, so it's getting the best rating of the three so far. Despite my griping, it was an interesting book and I feel like I connected with the setting and characters the most.

I'm sure I'll keep reading these books because they are entertaining but I think the hype for this one especially really got me a bit too! I really do want a copy of this book, though, because something about that font and that hot pink color.... I just need it.

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