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The Divine Spark by Graham Hancock
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Relatively interesting collection of articles written from different people (including Graham) on the nature of consciousness, psychedelics, nature of reality. All of the writings contain personal views of the authors gathered from different sources. Some of them are very scientific, some with a new age vibe.

My personal best article was the one in the beginning when the holographic nature of reality is explained through the Planck constant. The Planck constant is the smallest possible size measurement (aka my penis size). When calculating the weight density or the vacuum energy that is contained within one plank measurement it turned out to be 10^93 grams/cubic centimeter. That is the astonishing large weight which approximates the weight of the whole universe, and it's contained in the smallest possible measurement. It seems that the infinitely small contains the infinitely large. The weirdest part is that this unorthodox estimation has not been disproved, but rather physicist simply used renormalizations to account for the infinity. This is true even today.

This was my first Graham Hancock book, but I think I need to read more of him to understand him better.

Some quotes I liked:
-What if matter were only the result of a discrete boundary condition of the space itself, like the feedback iterations that produced the divisions of a fractal? Was the world-space experiencing itself?

-If it turns out that the brain is not a generator but a transceiver of consciousness, then we must consider some little-known scientific research that points to a seemingly outlandish possibility, namely that a particular category of illegal drugs, the hallucinogens such as LSD, DMT, and psilocybin, may alter the receiver wavelength of the brain and allow us to gain contact with intelligent nonmaterial entities, “light beings,” “spirits,”“machine elves” (as Terence McKenna called them)—perhaps even the inhabitants of other dimensions.

-If consciousness isn't simply created from the “hardware” of the brain itself, the inverse possibility is that it is received and filtered through the quantum-neuronal interface.

-Everything is in the hand of heaven except the awe of heaven.”

-The fundamental task required for an optimal psychedelic experience is somewhat paradoxical: it consists of actively establishing the direction in which we decide to let go. We consciously choose the cliff from which we will jump and with what attitude we make that leap. This is especially the case in high-dose sessions during which we hope to encounter the most radical and unusual experiences.

-Ayahuasca is a means of transport and transformation, a means of reconnecting with invisible layers of the cosmos, as well as a way of making present the world and stories told in myth through imaginary experience.” Osmani, one of her informants, told her, “You have to remember a myth before you drink the brew. If you concentrate well on the story, the story and its beings will appear to you in vision and you will understand the meaning this story has for your own life and experiences. You will feel the story. You will live it.” (Ibid. p. 33).

-I do not have the notes to sing and play the beauty of HER. I do not have the words to praise the utter devotion I feel toward HER. I live for HER, and SHE has told me many times that I am HER child (as we all are), HER student, HER collaborator when it comes to making a contribution to the growth of consciousness and conscientiousness on this planet.

-I took mushrooms when I was eighteen and saw a universe of transcendent, shape-shifting, mutant space art that no one will ever be able to explain to me with conventional thought.

-when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil”


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