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it was amazing
Read 2 times. Last read November 17, 2019 to November 19, 2019.

When is this book coming out ? The author had serious fans and she says that she’s sick but she out on vacation on Instagram. I understand needing a break but don’t come out with a date , let us pre order on Amazon and then just delete all evidence of the book even coming out.
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Corinne Crockett This is unfortunately the double-edged sword of the ease of publishing e-books these days. I’ve found so many good authors who self publish or e-publish, and they constantly over-promise and under-deliver.

Suddenly release dates are pushed back over and over again, nobody seems to care about actually hitting target release dates because they essentially adopt a “you’ll get it when you get it” mentality. Sometimes books are announced, promoted, and then are cancelled altogether without apology or explanation.

But what’s even worse is when an author starts writing and publishing a book series, and then they either get bored, busy, or maybe just start having some writer’s block, and before you know it they’ve moved on to writing something else entirely and they NEVER FINISH THE SERIES AT ALL. I have run into this issue several times, and while I do think we’ll eventually get this book from Giana Darling, many of us have been burned before by series that never get a conclusion. I don’t understand how the authors think it’s okay to subject their fans to this. I mean they want to KEEP their fans, right? Making money as a published author depends entirely on building a fan base who continue to buy your books! And yet the e-book system makes it so easy for them to drop projects with little thought. At least if authors have a publishing house that they’re accountable to, this kind of thing doesn’t really happen unless there’s some kind of extreme circumstances.

So here’s my plea to all the authors out there.... You count on us readers for a fan-following and income from book sales. We count on you authors to hit your promised release dates, and we trust that if you start releasing a series we’ll actually get a full conclusion. Please stop crapping all over this symbiotic relationship with your wish-washy business practices.

Joan Phillips I was one of the ereader that preordered this book when the option was there. After 30 days they returned the money. All of us do agree, do not announce 2-3 release dates and not tell your readers the truth regarding the truth as to why the release of the book is on hold. But not got us tell me it's the publisher holding the release back.

Nancy  Arbarca Exactly it’s very frustrating.

message 4: by Amanda (new) - added it

Amanda Marie ❤'s Alpha Reads Whoa- glad I saw this comment! I try to only read completed series. This one almost got me! 😳

Braveheart I’ll never buy a book again until the entire series is out . Giana Darling has changed the date on Enamoured THREE times .....that is unreasonable by most people’s standards

Katarina Razavi She’s being unfair to her readers

Nancy  Arbarca She’s vacationing off of our hardworking money we pay for HER books. A break is a break when it’s much needed but it’s been months. She’s abusing her power as an author.

Sylvia kind of wonder if this timeit's true. she's been asked if enamoured will be release this month aka August. she said yes

Medusa Scribbles She’s not even giving a solid date, first it was delayed because of a double eye infection, but the book was already in the last stages of editing— so why?
After that there was always just something. I’m pretty sure this book was originally supposed to be released in like June or something. Now she won’t even give a specific date and that it will be a ‘surprise’ release. I don’t know who came up with that idea but stop it. Absolutely idiotic idea. And it’s a shame because I really like the books. Last day of August so fingers crossed ladies 🤞

Dilara K She’s just rude. I’m over her and her fake release dates and promises. Soon soon soon. I’ve hit my limit.

Joan Phillips I agree this situation has changed how I read ebooks. I won't stop reading all continue books, just from this author.

message 12: by Greta (new)

Greta Unfortunately, she's not the only one. They keep saying release dates but then, they disappear without saying ANYTHING. I am very tired of these authors.

message 13: by Bt94 (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bt94 Her grandma had 2 strokes on the week she was supposed to be releasing the book. She posted on her Instagram about it.

Nancy  Arbarca I send her my condolences but it’s been months since then I understand losing a family member but since then she’s been on vacation and celebrated her birthday handsomely so that can’t be a huge excuse

Nancy  Arbarca There is a huge display of happiness on her “instagram” and also the book should have been finished the date was set unless she was going to write a book within 3 days of publication then that’s its justified. It seems to me she got comfortable with the money that she’s making and ran with it. This book date had been set even was on amazon to pre order, she procrastinated.

Stephanie what bothers me the most is her radio silence. I read enthralled at the end of july because she said enamoured would release at the end of july (I think that was the 2nd or 3rd date change at that point). just be honest with your readers. have giveaways put books on sale (better yet have a freebie tbh) keep your readers engaged and let us know what’s going on. she said last week that there will be information on the new release date this week. but with her track record I doubt it 🤷‍♀️

message 17: by brown_eyed (new)

brown_eyed vixen So apparently she appeared on IG and apologized for the disappearance and now she's going to Vegas to promote the book and it's going to be released in two weeks. I understand that things happen but something should have been said before now. I'm still not ok with it and will no longer be supporting her books.

Nancy  Arbarca exactly it doesn’t make up for it no matter how good her books are she’s too cocky and she abuses her power as an author

message 19: by Fran (new) - rated it 5 stars

Fran Lewis eddis Still waiting for the book any updates?

Nancy  Arbarca it now said it’s due November 2019 we will see

Nancy  Arbarca November 8th is the release date

Kassy Taylor You do not understand what is going on behind the scenes. Authors are humans, who have lives and loved ones. Please don’t assume to know what is happening. The fact that you’ve rated the book BEFORE you’ve even read it is actually appalling. That’s like saying the sky is gray without having looked outside. This “review” is uncalled for, inappropriate and quite frankly bs. You as a reader and person, are not entitled to anything. Take this review down because I promise you have NO idea what you’re talking about. Also “abuses her power”??? WHAT POWER? To decide when HER own damn book comes out? Troll somewhere else because you are un needed here.

Nancy  Arbarca @Kassy please stop while your ahead

Nancy  Arbarca @Kassy I didn’t read anything you just said but maybe like 4 sentences and I will say this , you are totally right you don’t know what’s going on but this women was socially active on social media weekly until people started to call her out on it and don’t LETS NOT ACT LIKE WE NEVER RATE A BOOK BEFOREHAND . I never said I wasn’t going to read the book because I certainly am I love her books all I was saying is let us know what’s going on before we put our funds and time into a book that has many different release dates. I always give a book a rating while I’m waiting for it to come out especially a book that I like you are the one that’s trolling so again STOP WHILE YOUR AHEAD

message 25: by Coecoe (new) - added it

Coecoe There is another author that is notorious for doing this ALL the freaking time. And it's for MULTIPLE series. It's ridiculous and I have stopped supporting her. She has a pretty large following and I don't understand how people can support authors that do this. I get it, life happens, but when you're releasing other books and doing co writes/anthologies, it's irritating. All she will say about release dates is that they are coming soon. All pre-orders were taken down and she says the books will go straight to release. And it sucks because she is a wonderful author and probably wonderful person but it's just bad business to do this for books that are in a series. Authors need to just write the damn series and NOT release until all books are already written. Then release one every 2 months until the conclusion. This would save a lot of frustration and makes a lot more sense.

Nancy  Arbarca @Coecoe Exactly they are wonderful authors and that’s why there is so much outrage especially when they let you pre order and put out dates several time , there is a particular author that I love she hasn’t came out with a book in 2 years it’s a wonderful thrilling MC romance and that’s the thing there is no trolling going on here it just sucks and we feel cheated

message 27: by Coecoe (last edited Nov 09, 2019 09:53PM) (new) - added it

Coecoe It absolutely does suck. I have a couple series that I've been waiting a long time for. Some were completely scrapped and will never have a conclusion. Some are on holds and others there's no updates at all. And I truly understand that life happens. I do. I'm the queen of being late to EVERYTHING. And I sometimes do things that are life changing without any warning what so ever. Just last year I took in a baby and it wasn't something I even pondered or spoke to anyone about. I just did it. Which in turn made my life become VERY hectic and a lot of things got put on hold. And my mom passed in February of this year. So I TRULY and completely understand life. But at least give your readers who have been with you since day one and have supported your career, the decency of telling the truth. And not being vague. Say what's going on, don't throw out a crap ton of release dates and don't lie. I seen a comment that she stated the book was already done. Obviously it wasn't. And that's messed up.

Nancy  Arbarca @Coecoe Exactly it’s not selfish or stupid to wonder or even be mad about an author’s communication ESPECIALLY when you spent your money pre-ordering a book that you didn’t have to but you did because you support this author and you truly love this book or series. I don’t see anything wrong with questioning it and then there’s the fact the after it disappeared off Amazon it took 2 weeks to get back into my bank account, that’s suspicious, and I don’t know what was going on in her personal time but I did know this she was active on her social accounts even posted a vacation picture , all of this on the same account she shares her books on. So in conclusion, her actions spoke louder than her silence. Even if she just needed a common break just tell us we ALL understand trust me.

Cindy Mahoney I was disappointed at the delay of this book because I really enjoyed the first one . And I too get frustrated with reading a first in series and then having to wait endlessly for a sequel and having to reread the initial book first..But that re read usually turns out to be a joy and better the second time around.But frustrating still...cause many little time!

I do comprehend the difference here,that a date was promised. I too felt some irritation ,wondering where the heck was book 2? But quite frankly ,I am more disappointed by this unpleasant phenomena of seemingly pervasive animosity that appears rampant here with the singling out this author....on this thread ,but for a few detractors. Detractors who then seem to be identified as enemy insurgents. ..and dealt with accordingly.

The apparent stalking,judging, ganging up upon and then what ultimately appears tantamount to a smear campaign of her ,is quite stunning really .Other than posting my reviews and enjoying the direct Q&A with the authors I am unfamiliar with this platform .And unless this is me somehow misunderstanding and over reacting,I'll want to keep it that way ,as this.... in my opinion just not a good look and seems surprisingly catty,juvenile and not anything I would be proud to engage in....

To the Author, Gianna Darling...irregardless of frustrations incited by delay(and I would take the desperation to have Enamoured in hand as complemantary) I thank you for a stellar reading experience and charachters I will not soon forget!

Nancy  Arbarca @Cindy the whole point of first writing this review was to get the attention of the author and also because I paid for this book only for it to disappear off Amazon . There is nothing wrong with being upset about what you put your money into

Nancy  Arbarca I’d like to say this , I love this author she knows how to write a good book one of the best actually . There is no hate here maybe a little bit of irritation, no one is saying anything about her skills as a writer she must certainly doesn’t lack in that , it’s the way she left us hanging after we spent our money . That is all . I am currently reading right now and I love it

message 32: by brown_eyed (new)

brown_eyed vixen I actually don't think there is anything wrong with asking an author to take responsibility for their actions. I don't see any bashing on here. I only see that certain people took this thread out of context and were very insulting. We don't need to keep rehashing it. Nancy had an opinion and many others did as well. No one is smearing anyone. When it comes down to deadlines if you can't meet them be honest. Writing books and opinions by readers is unfortunately more subjective than objective. I'm spending more time and money on authors who actually are more forthcoming when it comes to situations like this.

Nancy  Arbarca @brown thank you so much ! I started to think that maybe I was out of context

Cindy Mahoney My original comment was my first ever,so impossible to define as rehashing.Additionally,in that initial comment I actually concurred that it was disappointing that the title was unavailable on the proposed date or dates.But beyond there the relatability ceased.
Although I was fairly shocked at the concerted level of animosity and anger and the off collar remarks indicating that the author was purposefully disingenuous,irresponsible and greedy,I of course tried to be reserved,fair and respectful because everyone deserves this along with the benefit of the doubt. I hoped once a light was shone on the behaviors a light bulb moment would bring clarity. And at first I thought there was,until another negative voice was added to the chorus.
Upon identifying that a prior dissenter came on strong yet accurate ,I attempted a softer approach because even though repulsed,I wished for the individuals involved to have clarity on just what it was they were involved in and how misguided .Upon perusal of this thread one will note there are multiple individuals participating with over the top,insulting remarks and insinuations. This is the definition of ganging up on someone."They join to attack, criticize or oppose,especially in an unfair way" There are many examples of this that can be cited, many that meet the definition of a smear campaign defined as "a plan to discredit a public figure by making false or dubious accusations" Some noted in the thread are as follows;
"She is cocky and abuses her power"
She got comfortable with our money and ran with it"
She is vacationing off our hard earned money"
"She procrastinated" "She is just rude"
Then after stalking her to spy on her social media sites ostensibly to determine if she was sick or faking illness or sadness that was then a disingenuous excuse to cover for the irresponsible tardy book release is exemplified in the following comments;
There was a huge display of Happiness on instagram"
"Apparently after the death of a family member she had "since went on a vacation and celebrated her birthday handsomely"
Come on people this is not normal,not acceptable... and is bizzarre and the height of catty.You are not entitled to anyone's life story and or therapy notes because you paid 5$ for a book. Her timetable accommodates her life.Many can't write full time.So there were delays....minor irritation. Amazon was never gonna run off with your 5 bucks and here you sit reading and enjoying the story a few short months down the line.,praising her writing and admitting you enjoy the read.This stunning, ,juviniele mob mentality tied in a bow with stalking and smearing and exhibited by aggressive over the top, hateful and ugly attitudes and the commentary is not negated by the later excuse that you never complained about her actual writing skill or you only lamented her dearth of charachter. Sadly for some reason that does not phase you...

I'd like to speak to the practice that I didnt know existed of posting a "review "before a book is out. What the actual? As Kassy stated, this is appalling.

First of all lets consider the function of a book review. It is a process via which one evaluates a book once it has been completed,read and experienced.An authors work can live or die via this tool and consequently too can their ability to make a living and support their families if this is unfairly abused.In my humble opinion,reviewing a title one has not read is akin to a job evaluation performed by a supervisor from another department who has not met you and lacks the required expertise. Honesty is integral ,to all involved,but so too is fair play. The review process is not a complaint platform.
This could have been discussed on her FB page,her FB group,the Q&A here...or you could have been patient for a few short months..because it sure was worth the wait.
The odd power comments also reveal distance from reality as indie authors are often low man on the totem pole,the ameoba in a sea of predators.The shark being the publisher,in this case Amazon that pays a penny a page KU. There exists a phenomena of supply and demand which is the topic of your ire here. A syndrome in which a multitude of obscure authors work under a single pen name or false identity
pumping out books at a frantic rate that no single honest writer could keep up with. An author does well for a few months,quits her day job and falls prey to the syndrome,then the mega corporate CEO that wants to squeeze her for every page ...its never enough..Then poof , your demise..... ..the dream is over. Even better if you later found a thread like this and realized what your "loyal" readers were up too.
So no,the Power pyramid you believe exists, doesnt...or rather its inverted.
In comparison, examine the Stronger Circle a FB group celebrating Jay Marie's Stronger series. The fourth book.was just released but was initially slated for Dec 2019. Even if we didnt know she was a full time Legal secretary going to law school part time,and a political activist fighting against human trafficking and newly wed,Anyone in the group would come for you if you said a single negative syllable..
.or unreasonable complaint,much less the kind of thing that is happening here. I venture to guess and or hope that Gianna has similar loyalists and I shall head over to FB to see.That kind of union,caring and camaraderie is uplifting. You might wanna try it.

Now,I certainly understand the bad "press " related to this platform and the wary estimations heard from many an indie author.

Nancy  Arbarca Ok Cindy that’s enough it’s over with , why are you still commenting ? What are you hoping to gain ?

Nancy  Arbarca Stop with the long paragraphs that no one has time to read . You are talking about how we belittled her but you are doing the same

Cindy Mahoney No Nancy,I responded to brown's post and your return to your bubble of complacency. You refuse to read Krissy's post apparently unable to tolerate an assertive critique? Time to put the big girl pants on read a couple paragraphs and maybe learn something you didnt realize or know.
What is over? You have been carrying this on for months and had plenty of time to invade some ones life and write post after post and I wrote my first yesterday.
I am actually trying to help you and maybe I am as you may have just admitted your folly...that you are behaving in a certain untoward fashion.

Nancy  Arbarca Ma’am please stop you came here to argue and I’m not for that I am passionate about this book there was no bad energy here I had my opinion and other people do to unfortunately opinions are free here and it comes with the job you want to go back and forth for what ? To simply tear us down for again SPENDING MONEY ON A BOOK THAT WE ALL LOVED AND BEING IPSET BECAUSE IT DISAPPEARED AND ALSO NOT GETTING OUR MONEY BACK FOR WEEKS ? stop it please ma’am

Cindy Mahoney No...Nancy not at all.... not about any of the above, This is about right vs wrong,and how one' or more 's frighteningly clueless destructive stance can be beyond damaging and irrevocably dangerous And that this ,my motives and good intention continues to sail above your ken are revalatory. But I simply ask that you take the few brazen moments to read a couple paragraphs and if after doing so that epiphany continues to allude and you have learned not one thing... then I digress,however saddened,dejected and markedly less hopeful on the fate of humankind ....

message 40: by brown_eyed (new)

brown_eyed vixen Nancy, it's just best not to engage with people like this. I'm somewhat amused that this person who is writing a dissertation and defining words out of the dictionary as though whomever she is speaking to is ignorant is calling this thread "catty." I say whomever, because you are definitely not talking to me in that condescending tone. If anyone else cares to get into semantics over this discussion it's just best to block, ignore, and keep it moving. My best to you all.

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