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Savor by Megan Duncan
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Feb 17, 2012

liked it

Savor wasn't that bad of a book. It was pretty typical in a vamp story sort of way and I actually liked it. But there were somethings that bugged me about it.
First, I have to say, this is like my third kindle book that I have read, and I have noticed with all of them there is a LOT of grammar problems, this book probably being one of the worst so far. But, though it can be very irritating, I can look past them and continue with the story.
Another thing, that kind of went along with this, was some of the spoken writing. I know that the vampires are supposed to be old, and would speak differently, but how it was put together (old English mixed with new) didn't really work. It came out sounding a little awkward and just didn't go together well.
Okay, now about our heroin, Clair. In the beginning, I had a hard time connecting with her. She seemed a little to superficial and wish-washy. One of the things that really irritated me, was her way of making decisions. She would disagree with whatever was offered, or whatever situation was at hand, then she would talk herself into it, and go along with it.
Like she did with the decision to become a vampire. First she didn't like the idea. She didn't want to lose the life she had already planed, didn't know why they wanted her in the first place, and was afraid of being used for some big plan that she didn't know about. All of these very good reasons to back out, right? But after talking to a few people, getting very little information, and a whole bunch of promises to tell her everything later, she agrees. Why? Well, maybe it had a little to do with feeling sorry for them, still, not a good enough reason for me. Or, is it because if she didn't, there would be no reason for this book in the first place, more likely.
But anyways, this way of making decisions continues, over and over again, repetitively in the book.
As for the story itself. It took a long time to get to the actual plot, but when I finally got there it seemed interesting enough, and I am eager to find out what will happen as this series continues. Definitely looking forward to more Arrick!!!
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