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Wounded Soul by Annabelle Jacobs
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I received a free copy of this title to read & review for Wicked Reads

3 Frustrating Stars

While maintaining a spoiler-free review, I will begin by saying my opinions will undoubtedly be in the minority.

I felt the characters' actions were driven to push the plot forward to a predetermined ending, with little regard to whether or not those actions were in line with who & what the character was written to be.

Example: a coven leader making the choice to send an antagonist to watch someone for the person he antognizes, which he's personally witnessed for decades. Raph ensured a trusted task to the very man who tests his authority and is outwardly trying to usurp him, then believes the lies he spins. This bumbling behavior by the man in charge was out of character but meant to be ignored, simply because it caused the drama to propel the plot forward. Using the excuse of how they were currently getting along, for like 3 pages, doesn't erase how ridiculous this was. Time runs differently for an immortal. 3 pages would be a second to a human's day. It would take years of Peter & Ian getting along before Raph would have believed that, after 70 years of constant torment.

The villain progressively getting careless, yet no one could thwart him? How was Peter to explain the staked vampire back at the coven? No proof? IAN WAS THE PROOF.

Quote: Jesse hated it when Peter made sense. Hated having to agree with him. .... there wasn't anything out of Peter's mouth that made sense, so the entire cast of characters ended up looking like fools.

I truly enjoyed the beginning, finding a real connection between Jesse & Ian, even if I felt their actions were too juvenile for their ages. There was some banter, steam, & delicious forbidden angst. But when the action started, I felt nothing but frustration as I witnessed the characters turn, not turn into vampires, but turn into ignorant children.

Obviously this book wasn't meant for me. I'm a huge fan of both MM Romance & Paranormal Romance, but how unintelligent the characters behaved was a major turn-off for me.

To sum the book up in a nutshell: siblings fighting, both holding secrets over the other's head, one wants to tell Daddy but is too scared, & the other is the older bully sibling playing on the younger brother's ignorance & cowardice. Yet they were grown men who had lived an upwards of 100 years... and Daddy was too busy to pay attention to his battling children, and innocents got caught in the crossfire.

At the top of my pet-peeve list is how vampire characters never act their actual age, with maturity & reasoning, but end up coming off as young teens, no matter how old they are portraying.

Not every book can be a hit for every reader, and this was a miss for me. While I personally wasn't a fan, that doesn't mean I don't recommend this novel for readers who enjoy a warm & fuzzy take on vampire culture. As I said, I was rooting for Ian & Jesse from the start, but didn't enjoy the turn the book took.

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