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Winds of Fate by Mercedes Lackey
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Winds of Fate might be the book for me which transitions Lackey's writing from young adult into adult. While the writing is still the same easy to read, simplistic style I've come to know, the themes are much darker and more intense. For the first time, this is a Valdemar universe novel I wouldn't put casually into the hands of a teenager. And please. No more rape. I'm serious this time!

The only other thing I struggled with in Winds of Fate was pacing. Lackey's pacing has been a bit, well, long-winded the last few books. The first quarter of this book felt like set-up for a much larger story. While I know that things won't get resolved in this novel entirely, I wanted a smaller plot line to drive this forward. Instead, switching between Elspeth's quest and Darkwind's plights felt tedious. I wanted to get to the meat of the story more quickly!

With Elspeth on a quest to find the Tale'sedrin Shin'a'in clan to teach her magic and with Darkwind of the K'Sheyna Teyledras clan as a major character, exploring these oft described peoples felt completely appropriate. This was the right time for us to explore them, as well. After getting to know the Teyledras in Vanyel's story, and the Shin'a'in in Kero's story, I was chomping at the bit to know more about them. Bond birds, exceptionally bred horses, and high magic-- what was there not to love?

The characters in this story felt a bit hit-or-miss for me. Elspeth has a LOT of development in this story, and I didn't always buy into the character she was becoming. In the end, I love who she has become (While I want to explore the feminism in Winds of Fate, I'll have to leave that for Melanie's and my discussion post tomorrow. I know you're anticipating it!) and don't mind the course she took to get here. That said, Skif felt like he was only there to be a plot device. Sorry, my friend, you deserve better. The Gryphons are wonderful. They certainly made up for Skif's lack of agency and purpose. Every scene they were in were easily my favorites.

Lackey leaves us at the end of Winds of Fate with no major cliffhanger, but with quite a few dangling plot lines. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS! --- I guess I'd better pick up the next book ASAP then.

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