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Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt
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Feb 17, 2012

really liked it

Love these kinds of books. Great conversation starters. Like how, you ask?

Women account for the most traffic congestion because of "trip chaining"? Apparently, even if they have a full-time job, they still do the majority of the household errands and taxi driving. According to the book, men overwhelmingly drive as if they do not even have a family, i.e. just to work and back. The 90s saw an uptick in middle-aged male trip's called the "Starbucks effect." No joke!

Cyclists suffer fewer traffic-related accidents when they ride away from the curb and without a helmet. Reason: cars are more careful around them. Also, eye contact is key.

Traffic is like pouring rice through a funnel. Everyone gets there in less time if entry into traffic is limited, i.e. lights at the bottom of on-ramps are a good thing no matter what traffic looks like.

Late merging works out better for everyone. Whaaaat?!!!

People are safer drivers when there are no signs and barriers between the cars and pedestrians.

Hit the gas in a skid.

I could go on and on...very fun read, if you're a nerd.


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