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His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice Preston
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it was amazing
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Terrific start to the new series. I was hooked from the beginning and read the book in one sitting. It opened with a young Flora, frustrated by her father's attitude toward her, dealing with her frustration by exploring an area of her home that was expressly forbidden. She paid for that disobedience with the horrifying discovery of a skeleton hidden in the tower and was unable to talk about it for fear of the repercussions. Two things she brought away from the experience was a silver brooch found on the skeleton's clothing, and the need to find out more about it. There was a touch of the eerie in the emotions that Flora felt upon the discovery of the skeleton and again when contemplating the brooch.

Fast forward seven years. Flora was on the way to her wedding to a man she had never met, her father's attempt to repair the family fortunes. After the scandal she caused the previous year when she publicly refused to marry a duke, Flora was given no choice in this marriage. The guilt she felt overpowered her objections, and she desperately hoped that going through with the wedding would repair her relationship with her family.

Waiting for her at the altar was Lachlan O'Neill. Born in poverty, with tragedy and secrets in his past, Lachlan was now a very wealthy man. He had plans for his new whisky distillery and felt that marriage to the daughter of an earl would open doors to the upper echelons of society. Stunned by Flora's beauty and delicacy, he was suddenly filled with self-doubt.

The path to a happy future was not an easy one for Flora and Lachlan. While there was no doubt about the sparks of attraction that flew between them, both Flora and Lachlan suffered from crippling bouts of insecurity. Lachlan often felt like a bumbling, uncultured oaf around her, which caused him to withdraw into himself and hide behind his business. This caused Flora to believe that she was lacking in any number of ways, which fed her feelings of worthlessness. I ached for them on their wedding night, as what could have been the beginning of true intimacy was made awkward by the horrible advice Flora received from her mother and Lachlan's feelings of inadequacy. Away from the strictures of her father, Flora slowly began to assert herself. I loved seeing her face up to Lachlan and let him know what she needed. Afraid of doing the wrong things, Lachlan erred on the side of caution. I enjoyed his surprise and relief when Flora showed interest in his work.

Their first foray into society after their marriage did not go well. Flora's past transgressions were neither forgiven nor forgotten. Her inability to hold up her part of the bargain with Lachlan devastated her. I loved Lachlan's understanding and support when she confessed to the problem. This also gave Flora hope for the future of their marriage. The sparks of attraction continued to grow, but it seemed that every time they made progress, something would interrupt them. I ached for Flora as, time after time, Lachlan would leave her hurt and frustrated. I wanted to shake Lachlan for not telling her the truth behind those interruptions. An unexpected visit and some timely advice gave Flora the confidence to make some changes. I loved seeing Flora come into her own as her confidence grew. The dinner with her aunt and uncle was a prime example of what was possible with confidence and thinking outside the box. I especially enjoyed Flora's dedication to Lachlan's plans, and determination to be an asset. I enjoyed Lachlan's hint of jealousy, then his astonishment and approval of Flora's initiative.

I was so frustrated with Lachlan's refusal to come clean with Flora about his past. His constant retreats added to Flora's unhappiness and fears until she finally stood up for herself and what she wanted from her marriage. That strength and confidence and persistence finally broke through Lachlan's walls. His confessions of all that he'd been through were heartbreaking and emotional, as was his fear of Flora's reaction. Her compassion and understanding were not what he expected, and I loved seeing the difference it made. He wasn't completely clear of his demons, however, and family-induced stubbornness nearly derailed his progress. Flora also made progress with her own family, her newfound strength giving her the confidence to face them all. The scene with her father was awesome. I loved the surprise she arranged for Lachlan for Hogmanay, and the follow-on epilogue was excellent.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book was the look at the lifestyles of the period. Instead of just seeing the upper classes, a lot of time was spent on the social problems of the day. I especially liked how Lachlan's experiences influenced his actions as a business owner. Flora had been quite sheltered and the things she learned after her marriage were eye-opening. The change from typical earl's daughter to a supporter of social justice was a moving one. I liked the support and encouragement she received from both Lachlan and her aunt at the dinner in Glasgow.

The story of the silver brooch and skeleton that Flora found was an intriguing one. The brooch itself was important to Flora and she wore it often. It was interesting that it looked familiar to the Duchess of Lochmore, though she couldn't recall why. It was quite spooky to see Flora's reaction when she stumbled into one of the crypts at the Lochmore chapel. I am anxious to read the rest of the books in the series to get the rest of the story. This one is done a little differently. Instead of moving forward in time, this series will trace the Lochmore and McCrieff families into the past, going from the current Victorian age to the Regency, then the Tudor, and finally to the Medieval period.
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