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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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Feb 16, 2012

it was ok
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Read from February 16 to 17, 2012

This is not a terrible book. It’s just a boring book. There are three hundred and twenty-eight pages in this book, and within those pages there is very little plot. Are there things going on? Are our main characters struggling with issues? Well, yes. But, they aren’t very proactive about it.

There is a lot – a lot – of waiting in this novel. Waiting for Ash to make a decision. Waiting for a Donia to do something. Waiting for Keenan and Beria to finish their game. Just waiting.

Now the characters. There are a lot of characters in this novel, but most of them are flat. Honestly, I couldn’t tell Ash’s friends apart. Or Seth’s friends. Or most of the fairies.

As for the main characters: Ash was a boring female lead. She was just there, letting the other characters move her along. Seth was too perfect, which made him just as boring as Ash. Your characters need flaws and he had none. His life was Ash, and that just seemed depressing. Beria was more development in some ways, but in the end she felt more like a villain from a Disney film than a centuries old Queen. Keenan was a mixed bag: sometimes he felt like a jerk and other times he was creepy. But, sometimes I saw something interesting shine inside him. The anger and the frustration and the sadness that would have come with his job shined through when he was with Donia, and I wish there had been more of that side of him. Donia was the only character who seemed to have a real personality. Truth be told, she was the only character I looked forward to reading about. I wish it had been her story more than it was Ash’s.

I’m going to be kind and give this a 2.8. I bought it, but really wish I had gotten it from the library instead.

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02/16/2012 page 22
7.0% "I thought this book was something else. I'll give it a go, despite the mixed to negative reviews."
02/16/2012 page 78
24.0% "It is a bit boring, isn't it? I think I like Donia better than Ash. And Seth is just too perfect."
02/16/2012 page 110
34.0% "I wish Donia was the main character."
02/16/2012 page 128
39.0% "Nothing happens in this book, does it?"
02/17/2012 page 276
84.0% "Nearly done and I feel as if very little has happened."
02/17/2012 page 285
87.0% "I feel like the only true characters in this novel are Don and Beria. Everyone else is so flat"

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