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Mafia to Mormon by Mario Facione
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Jul 21, 2008

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Does anyone want to buy/borrow a slightly damaged copy of this book from me? I left my house to run errands, but neglected to take my stack of library books off the top of the car. By the time I realized they were missing and what I had done (all of two minutes later) I found this one on the road, and someone had driven over it. My other books were undamaged. I think the library will make me buy it. Or who knows, maybe they won't notice the tires tracks and gravel imprints, even though my last book was "ruined" when a small crayon mark appeared on page 72 it had to be "deleted from the system".

I am so sick of buying books from the library!! Why can't I ruin a book I actually want to keep for once?!

MY REVIEW (from before):
This is a book about a guy who made his living in organized crime, then joins the LDS church. He finally realizes he can't be a Mormon and go to the temple if he is part of the mob, so he gets out. Doesn't that sound like it would be awesome?

I wanted to like this book. But it wasn't very gripping (for me). Here is what Mario Facione should have done - hired a real author to write his story for him. Mario obviously had exciting and spiritual moments, but I don't think he knew how to put them on paper. He spent the first part of the book explaining how his criminal life worked. It would have been very exciting to have heard a story about the police almost catching him, or an ex-mob member coming back to get him. Instead, he said stuff like, "...and then we would tell someone we'd sell them a tractor for $200,000, even though it was worth $300,000. We would take out the machinery and sell it to them, then the company would file an insurance claim. Here is how the insurance worked..." It wasn't all that thrilling.

Then his talk about the missionaries teaching him the gospel was like this: "...and so I read the Book of Mormon and had to get baptized". It seems like a part that would have made me cry, but nope. I had a feeling it would be far better hearing him tell it in a fireside than in a book.

Finally, who was his editor? There were SO many typoes. I am okay with the occasional typo. But there were a million. Literally, one million. One paragraph started like this: "ooooooooI just included..." How do you miss someone hitting the "O" key on the keyboard that many times? How does it go to print like that? Pay me $50 and I'll proofread the whole thing for you!

The book would have gotten 2 stars (it was okay), until the very last chapter. I liked the last chapter. It's him as an older man, two weeks in to serving on the stake high council. After everything he went through (risking his life/losing every material thing he owned to join the church and leave behind his former life), he has no patience for people who are too lazy about living the gospel. He totally chews some guy out who's there in a church court and says he's been too busy to read his scriptures much the last month. ("Too busy?! You had time to commit all these immoral actions!" Ha ha.)

He made very good points at the end. He told it like it was.

Not my favorite book ever (and there was so much potential!), but not that bad to read, because it's short. I read it in one day.

Dear Mario Facione - if you read my review here and don't like my ho-hum impression of your book, please remember you're Mormon and shouldn't send your mafia friends to beat me up.

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Mike Rowbury You will laugh cry and feel the spirit in this book. You'll have it read in a day with a little bit of time. I read it over a two day period while on our cruise to Alaska two weeks ago.

AF Library had it on disc also.

message 6: by Emily (new)

Emily Abby. You are plenty mean. I am your sister...I know all tooooooo well!!! :)

Abby Yeah, but am I mafia mean?

Do you capitalize mafia? Should it be "Mafia"? There are different mafia groups, so maybe it would only be capitalized if I specified which mafia it was. Never mind.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily Can I borrow it?

Abby Yes. For a rental fee.

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Emily Fine! I'll just keep this month's Seventeen magazine to myself. It has lots of awesome articles about how to look cute and get boyfriends. So you will just have to look like a nerd and not get any new boyfriends.

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Amy Hey Emily can I borrow your Seventeen Magazine. I want to look cute and get lots of boyfriends.

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